Help my scrolling on Internet pages has slowed to

  BIGBAGGY 15:50 23 Sep 2003

When viewing internet pages on my usual forums which have worked fine until now the scrolling on pages has become really slopw almost stopped. I have broadband so its not my connection. Even when typing a reply or a post the cursor moves along and nothing is written then when it gets along a bit the letters come up. Its really weird and getting bloody annoying. The slowness is happening here also but not to such an extent.

  VoG II 15:58 23 Sep 2003

Check for spyware using Spybot click here

  VoG II 15:59 23 Sep 2003

That link isn't working - try AdAware click here

  BIGBAGGY 16:24 23 Sep 2003

Thanks m8 the Adware worked a treat. I thought I was covered for this though as I had Spywareblaster and MRUBlaster installed. I have taken off bearshare shareazza as I think they may have contributed.

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