Help with my scanner installation please

  learning slowly 16:10 04 May 2005

I have an hp 3400c scanner which I am trying to install on my windows xp pc.

my friend downloaded the scanner utilities from the hp website as it was about 30 mb and I am on dial up.

We installed the software including hp precisionscan LTX, but everytime I try to scan i get a message saying that the scanner could not be initialized.

We have uninstalled and reinstalled twice now and it still does not work.

We are not plugging in the scanner (by usb) until the sortware is installed.

Device manager says that the scanner is working properley.

Please help as this is driving us nuts.

  Pooke100 16:19 04 May 2005

is there a lock switch underneath the scanner?

  learning slowly 16:23 04 May 2005

There is a switch which is green plastic but it makes no difference to the message.

  pj123 16:24 04 May 2005

Why didn't you use the installation CD that came with the scanner?

  Pooke100 16:34 04 May 2005

when you install of the cd it installs the software, usually something like omnipage and a free photo editing package and the TWAIN driver. You probably should have used the CD if it was available.

Failing that, try different usb ports, shutdown when you're changing the scanner from one usb port to another and the reboot.


  Pooke100 16:38 04 May 2005

oh one other suggestion, try obtaining a scan from another photo package you already have. The option to import or obtain image should be in the file menu of the program.

  Never again 17:57 04 May 2005

We did not have the installation cd as the scanner was a gift from a friend that had recently bought a new system with a bundled scanner, and he had lost the original installation cd.

We have tried different ports but it does not make any difference, and even using different different programs such as ms word does not seem to work.

  Chegs ® 19:23 04 May 2005

I had similar grief with an HP 2200c scanner.The Scanner & Camera Wizard can be used to scan,until you get the driver to install.

I contacted HP,who advised I d/l the XP driver from their site(sj644en.exe)This I did,and had exactly the same message trying to launch the LTX app.I finally discovered it was created by the device still being in use(according to XP!)I also discovered that if I used FAT32,the driver would install faultlessly,use NTFS and the troubles returned.The Scanner & Camera Wizard was a nuicance as it would activate the scanner,but refuse to switch off the scanners lamp.

I had finally become accustomed to unplugging the scanner until it was wanted,and eventually "lost" the HP driver with a bad system crash.Last tuesday night,a mate brought round the sj644en.exe file for me(I am now on dialup)I copied it to a partition and forgot about it until yesterday.I hadn't had any reason to connect up the scanner since this reinstall of XP Home a fortnight back(NTFS format filesystem)but set off the sj644en.exe app,after it had finished it requested I reboot.This done,I THEN connected the scanner,and clicked the LTX shortcut.I was surprised to see the scanner lamp light,the scanning window open and a quick test produced a perfect scan. :-)

If you have had the scanner plugged in before installing the HP driver,you wont be able to dissuade XP from "claiming" itself as "Scanner Manager" and the "Scanner not Found" message will bug you.

I was also advised by HP Tech to disable "Windows Image Aquisition" in "Services" but this just created the error message whether I used HP driver or Scanner & Camera Wizard. :-)

  learning slowly 15:11 19 May 2005

Even the scanner and camera wizard does not recognise my scanner - only my webcam.

My scanner is working ok according to device manager.

I give up..- no - we both give up!!

Thanks for your help everyone.

  Fletten 19:48 21 May 2005

Thanks to Pooke100 for the idea to install a photo package. I've had problems getting my new scanner to work with Scan Manager Pro which requires communication with the TWAIN driver, I had installed Paperport and the Visioneer driver but did not install the free version of PhotoImpression 3, as I already had Paint Shop Pro 7 I thought this would be all I needed but after reading this page on Helproom I installed PhotoImpression 3 and BINGO! everything works fine. Thanks.

  Buchan 35 22:08 21 May 2005

Don`t ever give up. Try everything to get your scanner working and post another thread next week, but do not give up.

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