help with my sata drive

  whizza 20:02 14 Feb 2004

hi ive got a asus a7n8x deluxe motherboard with onboard sata raid

i have my hard drive connected to it but when i try and install windows xp it says that it cant find a hard drive even tho it shows up in the sata bios post screen any 1 got any ideas???

also is it much better to use my hardrive on sata than the normal ide???

  ensonricky 20:12 14 Feb 2004

You need to load SATA drivers from a floppy disk when prompted during the early part of the XP installation by pressing F6.
Thr data transfer rate will be marginnally quicker using SATA as opposed to IDE, 150v133.

Exactly - the SATA drivers need to be loaded before windows will even see the disk.

Copy them from the ASUS driver cd and when you start to load windows press F6 at the prompt.

  gudgulf 22:23 14 Feb 2004

Reboot your pc and enter the set-up screen in bios(press del when prompted).check to see if your hard drive is recognised on the ide channels--it will be on chanel 3 or 4.
I have an Asus p4c800 deluxe and this does not need any 3rd party drivers for the sata function--However I too had problems installing windows with my sata drive as the only hd.In my case I got the message "the selected drive does not contain a windows xp compatible partition--nor would it let me set one up wiith the windows partitioning tool!.I got round this by using a partition manager(Acronis).
To be quite honest I dont think that you will see a noticable speed difference over an ide hard drive--so if if you have one going spare ,set your pc up with this.You can experiment to your hearts content with sata once you have you pc up and running.

The Asus A7N8X does not have the same function and does need the drivers loaded - believe me ;-)

It sounds as though your board has these loaded in the bios or on chip but one thing you do mention is well worth noting - check the Bios to make sure SATA is enabled there or it wont matter if you install the drivers!!!!

  gudgulf 23:21 14 Feb 2004

Ok ,I admit it, I was surprised when my board detected my drive straight out of the box!---Made it far more frustrating that windows did not share the same enthusiasm for sata though!
By the way if manufacturer's are including sata then in my opinion they damn well should be setting their mobo's up so they don't need additional drivers--Well done Asus!

whizza-----have a good look through your mobo manuals.You may well find the settings and instructions you need there..

  Chegs ® 01:10 15 Feb 2004

"To be quite honest I dont think that you will see a noticable speed difference over an ide hard drive"

click here IDE Speedtest

click here SATA Speedtest.

I spent a whole weekend and more trying to work out why my SATA hdd's weren't running at their "proper" speeds,and found that it was being held up by the IDE drive.I have two 120Gb SATA hdd's and a Maxtor 7,200 IDE hdd.

  D-P-R 02:55 15 Feb 2004

unless you are using 2 Western Digital Raptor 10000RPM 36.7GB 8MB SATA set up in raid 0 like I have on this board then you see a big speed boost. I am getting 109mb/s with this setup

  gudgulf 22:55 15 Feb 2004

Ok I stand corrected---Still dont see a noticeable difference in the performance of my pc though.I guess thats what benchmarks are there for. :0))))

  Chegs ® 03:22 16 Feb 2004

Do you have an IDE hdd as well as the SATA's?

I had to remove my IDE hdd,until I did I was getting constant crashes using a DOS speedtester.Once removed,the hdd speeds shot up,I then reinstalled my OS,and added the IDE back on the system,with no noticable decline in hdd speed.

Whizza,as stated above,you need to press F6 during XP install to load the SATA controller driver.To gain the most from SATA,I would remove IDE hdd's,install XP,then once its up and running,replace IDE hdd.

click here

  gudgulf 18:43 17 Feb 2004

Only one drive,a maxtor 160Gb sata drive ,clean unstall of xp pro.
What I am saying is that for the uses I have currently for my pc,the overall performance is little different.
I dont think there is any problem with the speed of the drive it is just that I dont use my pc for applications where data transfer rates are paramount.Having said that, you have got me wondering---so I'll run some tests and see what I find.Will start a seperate thread if I'm underperforming.


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