Help my PC takes ages loading web pages

  MAVERIC999 22:22 17 Mar 2004

Can anyone help me with this?
It just took 2 minutes to completely show this page. It never used to be like this but seems to be happining all the time now with all sorts of pages. I am only on dial up but my PC is only a couple of years old. Pentium 4 1.7 / 256 ram and 56k modem running XP.
Any ideas on how to fix this?

  Robotic_Rob 22:51 17 Mar 2004

Is it just the internet or all the pc?

If its all the pc you have more programs running than you use to.

If its just the internet, make sure the fone cables perfectly sound. And your ISP/fone line company might of decided to turn the bandwidth down on the lines in your area. Which cause it to slow down.

  woodchip 22:53 17 Mar 2004

If you got in without the Error Jserv you are doing quite well

  MAVERIC999 23:06 17 Mar 2004


  Robotic_Rob 23:10 17 Mar 2004

To check bandwidth, not that i know of.

  seaney 23:51 17 Mar 2004

Sounds like you've been infected with a virus. Try running a virus scan.

  ©®@$? 00:09 18 Mar 2004

things to consider

1)isp may be having trouble

2)temp internet files need deleting

3)virus or spyware

obviously there are other factors that could cause this but thats where i would start..check that your internet service provider isn't having any problems, delete your temp internet files, scan the system for virus's and spyware

spyware scanner click here

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