Help My PC not well

  User-178362 22:09 14 Aug 2006

My PC isn't working at all well, I am now doing addaware I have just done AVG. I have my screen saver sound going but my desk top is as normal icons and all, the screen keeps going black and I am getting parts of the, forum email etc, not the full page I still have Regclean on the desktop, when I can see the desk top that is. Do you think I have a Virus. If this water sound doesn't stop I will be flooded.

  Devil Fish 22:18 14 Aug 2006

his sea princess XP Pro

if you can get into add remove programs remove the screen saver i suspect it is a downloaded EXE

if you still think you may have a virus

try scanning with click here

for a second opinion

  User-178362 23:30 14 Aug 2006

I think everything is alright not sure which I have downloaded I was recommend to download one as the other was for the more experienced, but I didn't see where to click for the suggested one maybe I was going over old ground and I had already downloaded it. I have (dxwebsetu) icon on my d/t. Is this to do with what I have just down loaded, Once my desktop looked as if it was missing an icon not gaining one. Is it alright to do other things whilst this program is going on?

  rdave13 23:35 14 Aug 2006

Wait until the scan finnishes. If your antivirus stops it then agree to stop. If your AV allows it then let the scan continue without doing anything else.

  rdave13 23:39 14 Aug 2006

Suggest you run ccleaner, the reg side then applications or windows. Try A reboot to delete files that are running.

  User-178362 01:27 15 Aug 2006

What do you mean applications or windows? I do not know where to find MS Spyware I know it is under Progames somewhere? Just done CClean calling it a day/night

  rdave13 01:48 15 Aug 2006

Is this an ongoing wind up? Surely after using Ccleanup for the time you have been using it you know how to run the "windows" or "applications" or the registry scans?

Not difficult even for my uninterested 16 year old.

  p;3 10:32 15 Aug 2006

I am just wondering if you have too many "protection "programs on there and you do not know what each of them does ; perhaps you could list down what you do have on there including your windows version.

  User-178362 19:49 15 Aug 2006

Rdave13 I have only used CCleanup once before. I sent last info at 1am, after I had done the Cleanup, then closed down. No I do not know applications or reg scans. It is nice to be important but its important to be nice.

p;3 I have Add ware, I do Disk cleanup, I installed MS spy ware last week I had the old version on my desktop but do not know where New version is. After having lots of trouble last night, I didn't know if I was coming or going. All is well tonight, Thank you.

  rdave13 00:04 17 Aug 2006

sea princess XP Pro, you have put me in my place (lack of patience on my part!) Apology ..:))

  User-178362 21:48 17 Aug 2006

Accepted, still friends I hope.

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