Help my pc has been hacked I think

  erkmatrix 11:45 12 May 2015


Don't know what is going on

I think this thing has got into my PC now, every bank site I go to is taking a while to load and saying establishing secure connection in the bottom left corner.

But Paypal when I logged in came up with a padlock and red cross through it, so I've checked halifax, and a few bank sites and as soon as I click the login page which takes me to htpps it comes up with a padlock and a yellow triangle.

I emailed paypal straight away before I checked these other banks, Should I phone Paypal straight away.

I've just done a scan with superantispyware and its come up with adware tracking codes, which it always does, even though I did my last scan yesterday and deleted them, todays scan has found 388 tracking codes.

Is there anything better to check for nasties, I did a kaspersky internet security scan also yesterday and it found nothing.

any help would be great.

  Gordon Freeman 11:49 12 May 2015

I'd run Malwarebyte Anti Malware (MBAM) and also do a virus check before you do anything else. MBAM free click here

  erkmatrix 12:24 12 May 2015

Hi I ran malwarebytes and it said no malware found, could it be it missed it or is malwarebytes pretty good.

I've also do a cclean and currently running another antivirus scan, its 35% into it right now and nothing found upto now.

I'm worried about my paypal account as it does seem weird it having the padlock and redcross and all the other banks.

There must be something causing it to do this don't you think.

  erkmatrix 13:02 12 May 2015

Can someone just tell me if they go to virginmoney website and click on their site does it show ok for you or not, when I go on chrome I get a padlock with yellow triangle and with firefox its a ! before the https: bit

Even on this pcadvisor it comes up with a like paper icon and says identity not verified

  Secret-Squirrel 13:09 12 May 2015

From what you've described so far, I don't think you've been hacked or become infected.

Certificate errors on secure (HTTPS) websites is frequently caused by the PC's date and time being wrong. Check your clock in the far bottom-right corner and adjust the time, and especially the date, if need be.

If that doesn't help then click on one or two of the warnings you've received and post the entire error message(s) here.

  lotvic 13:19 12 May 2015

To block and control trackers and to see what's been blocked I advise you install the free browser addon Ghostery read about the features and download from ClickHere

  erkmatrix 13:24 12 May 2015


The clock appears ok and set to sync to

here is what I get click here on the virginmoney site


  Secret-Squirrel 16:27 12 May 2015

Here's what I get in Google Chrome. Unfortunately I don't know what Virgin page you were on at the time. Do you get the same as me for the Virgin URL in my Address Bar?

It may help further to include a couple more screenshots - the eBay one with the red cross would be a good one to show me.

Lastly, when did you first notice these issues?

  erkmatrix 20:37 12 May 2015

Hi there secret-squirrel

I've just checked and its now appearing like you see, before it wasn't though it was the padlock with a yellow triangle. It was Paypal site, not ebay and it appeared with a padlock and red cross. I've checked as I say and no malware which I'm pleased about, maybe it was these sites had images on the page that were not secure.

Anyway I've looked into kaspersky and found out I can have this chrome extension which is called safemoney and creates this seperate secure browser window and all sites now appear as they should using this so hoping I'll be OK.

Thanks anyway for the help and you too Lotvic for introducing me to Ghostery, looks good thing to have, amazing how many companies track you.

  lotvic 23:51 12 May 2015

It was another forumite on here that first recommended Ghostery, so quite a few use it now. I found I have to tweak it now and then when it blocks something I want to see. Like the Google AJAX search widget on PCAdvisor :) so have allowed that one.

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