Help! My PC freezes when I’m on the internet!

  QinesiQ 00:25 22 Jul 2006

Hello all

Help! My PC freezes when I’m on the internet! Mouse and keyboard become unresponsive. Only option is to hold the power button until the system powers off (and I’m sure this isn’t healthy). I have received no error messages.

My spec’s are: click here

Running Win XPMC SP2 (automatic updates tuned on)

My modem is: click here

I am using IE7 beta 3

I have Sun Java 2 platform installed. I try to delete downloaded etc content from both IE and Sun Java regularly (daily). I also fiddled with the Sun Java setting – I reduced the amount of space that it could use to 250MB (all these things seemed have helped a little but not prevented freezing)

Before upgrading to beta 3 my previous IE (6 SP1 came installed with XP) tended to crash very frequently. After reading some of the forum threads on PCA I attempted to fix it but I could not find it listed in add/remove programs. I therefore upgraded to beta 2 and it crashed less frequently. When Beta 3 came out I removed Beta 2 and installed beta 3. Beta 3 is by far the most stable but I still get occasional crashes (I expect 1 per day but sometimes I’m lucky and can be on it all day with no problems and other days could freeze after a few minutes of use).

Any ideas as to what is going on?
Are there any fixes that I could try?

I was thinking along the lines of a full system recovery and reinstalling again - overkill?

Thank you all in advance
PS I will reply – I’m just a little slow sometimes (nothing to do with my PC ;-))

  Gongoozler 06:58 22 Jul 2006

Hi QinesiQ. The only time I've come across this problem it was caused by faulty memory. You could try removing one of the two sticks you have.

  ened 07:25 22 Jul 2006

Years ago I tried a free trial of AOL, but changed my mind before very long and switched to Freeserve.

The machine kept crashing when I was on line and there was no particular pattern.

I didn't know anything about Forums at that time and it remained a mystery which was solved when I re-formatted the Hard Drive.

It was only a couple of years later that some memnber of staff at Dixon's happened to mention that AOL and FS were not compatible on the same machine.

Maybe you have some kind of similar conflict?

  Gongoozler 07:42 22 Jul 2006

If you suspect IE, then download Mozilla Firefox click here. I made the change about 2 years ago, and nothing would make me go back to IE.

  QinesiQ 08:44 22 Jul 2006

Hi Many thanks for your post.

I was concerned re: memory problems as I think you have mentioned this in another post.

Are there any programs that would confirm a memory fault? -I have PC Doctor 5 -I'll go run this and see what happens.

Re memory “Sticks” - forgive my idiot-ness- but how would I go about this? I've removed a laptop HDD but that was just a couple of screws!!. Oh and its still covered under the warranty period and so I wouldn't want to tamper with anything in case 'they' say I have invalidated it.

Re Firefox - I will definately give it a go - have been thinking about it for a wee while now. Thanks for the link. I'll try this first to see if there is any difference. I'll have to run it for a few days to be sure.

Thanks again, Q

  QinesiQ 08:47 22 Jul 2006


Thank you for your post

I am not on AOL but I know what you are getting at.

my ISP is Eclipse. Before that I was on dial up with Tesco - had the same problem.

Thanks for the sugestion.


  Gongoozler 09:02 22 Jul 2006

Hi QinesiQ. This is a guide to fitting memory click here, and will probably tell you all you need to know to temporarily remove one stick (module). My experience on that particular computer probably isn't typical and so is not at all highly likely to be your problem, but as long as it doesn't invalidate your warranty it might be worth trying. I don't think there is anything that will 100% certify that your memory doesn't have a problem, but I use MemTest click here .
Try Firefox. It runs quite happily alongside IE, and you can choose which to make your default browser. For the few websites that will only work with IE, you can right click and select "View This Page in IE"

  QinesiQ 09:14 22 Jul 2006

Hi I have just run a test (pattern test and advanced pattern test – whatever these are) on the system memory in PC Doctor 5 – the report says it has passed and there are no error codes.

I'll give memtest a whirl - thanks again for your link

I have run a test on the motherboard, HD and network connection – all passed.

BTW when using Firefox – should I remove IE completely form my PC – if so how? There are instructions for the IE beta 3 version but this just takes it back to the original IE6 and as I said – its not in A/R programs so am not sure how to proceed (without, say, deleting something important!) - ah, I see you have answered this!

Thanks again, Gongoozler - you have been most helpful.
Ps I'll leave the thread open for a couple of hours longer just in case I have major blow out with FF - but I doubt it!

  Gongoozler 09:35 22 Jul 2006

QinesiQ, don't remove IE, you'll need it for those sites that are incompatible with Firefox. FF will probably ask you if you want to make it your default browser, but you can always get either to ask when you open it (Tools - Options - General, or in IE Tools - Internet Options - Programs). I quite often have both browsers open at the same time with no problem.

  QinesiQ 10:09 22 Jul 2006

Re: FF - thank you for that info.

I have run memtest (the free downloaded prog.) for aprox. 30 mins - not sure if this is long enough to detect any problems but no errors have come up during this time. If you think it would help I could run it for longer or buy the pro-version (it’s not like the price is going to break the bank!).

Once again thank you for your time – v. much appreciated.

Oo and the instructions re: case - very useful - I will "feel" my way around my old desktop first and muster up some confidence (I need to remove its HD anyway)!

  Gongoozler 10:33 22 Jul 2006

QinesiQ, I've just run MemTest on a computer I'm repairing. I left it until it reported that it had tested 1000% of the memory, i.e. It had tested every memory address 10 times. the professional version "Is tuned, however, to the needs of users who diagnose the quality of RAM often, or on multiple machines". I don't think it will make much difference to your situation.

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