Help My orange broadband

  Shutt1e 16:51 16 Apr 2007

Hi i suffer from slow speeds, just over 500kbps and ive been told i can get up to 8mb, also someone told me its bad being on something like dll, is it, and is this why my internet is slow ?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:39 16 Apr 2007

What operating system? XP or Vista?

What modem? USB speedtouch330 or livebox? wireless?

  Shutt1e 18:41 16 Apr 2007

im using orange livebox , windows xp and im about 10 ft from the live box with no walls in the way

  glen2409 18:42 16 Apr 2007

I think instead of dll you mane LLU (local loop bundling). This means that instead of using BT's equipment in your exchange Orange have installed their own.

Orange have a well known problem on LLU with alot of people getting .5mb or a maximum of 2.7mb. no resolution to date.

I am lucky at the moment as i am with orange but on ADSL max, so get good 6+mb speed.

If you go into your Livebox/router and psot the stats will know if LLu or not. If LLU upload will be 288.

A good resource for orange issues is click here

  Shutt1e 18:44 16 Apr 2007

yup thx for the info, So llu sucks basically, is there anyway to get off a contract with them

  glen2409 18:52 16 Apr 2007

have you only just joined and which package are you on? You can get a MAC to leave but will need to payy the remaining contract up.

  Shutt1e 18:55 16 Apr 2007

ive been with orange for about 12 months, and it was ok at first but when wanadoo was taking over by orange, it went down hill really slow, so i checked my settings and it was on LLU, cna i ring up and complain and can orange do anything to help me

  glen2409 18:51 17 Apr 2007

Not alot you can do, this has been a long running issue that orange haven't resolved yet, hoping they do before i am LLU'd!

  bretsky 22:51 17 Apr 2007

If I were you I would get out as soon as,Orange are just Crap and have been since it changed from Wanadoo, I have an ADSL sppeedtouch modem and some evenings I cannot even get a connection, supposed to be up to 8Mbs, I'm lucky if I see 3Mbs Can't get through to tech support, I've had to resort to writing letters to HQ all to no avail with one line replies.

It is going to be of great inconvenience to me when I change to another ISP as I have been Orange since the Freeserve days.

Orange need to address it's problems to keep it's long term loyal customers happy!

bretsky ;0(

  Shutt1e 16:03 18 Apr 2007

if i ring up and complain enough can i be taken off the broadband

  bloo meeny 17:24 18 Apr 2007

I too was with Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange for over 6 and a half years. Sorry to say, but my advice is to get out as soon as you can !!!

My problems started February 2006 when I suspect I too was LLU'd (though Orange refused to confirm this) - average speed was around 1.0 to 1.5 Mb, although speed was never really an issue for me.

Things got much worse over Christmas/New Year and the connection was dropping constantly (up to 3 times a minute) so was obviously unusable.
Finally, it WENT OFF COMPLETELY and after several weeks and the usual calls to their "help" lines, I stopped the payments, and asked that they close the account.

They were NO help at all, and were quite obstructive; tactics included claiming I owed them money (I didn't - as far as I could tell, payments for service were made in advance), claiming I was in breach of contract/T&C's and even sending a false claim that they had taken money from my account.

I should also point out that I'd decided NOT to waste my breath, asking for a MAC - and was not surprised when they left a 'tag' on the line.

This was easily dealt with, however, and my new ISP (a smaller company) have been fantastic ...... SO efficient in fact, that I was connected for several days before I realised it !!!
Speeds are about the same as previously, but am happy to be paying £3 a month less for quite excellent service.

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