mike1975 20:40 18 Oct 2007

I know there are similiar threads but still keeps happening!

In the last few days my monitor keeps turning itself "off"-i mean goes to a black screen and "no signal" comes up. The computer tower itself stays on but I have no choice but to turn it off or reset in order to sort it.It has happened 3 times in the last hour :(

My pc (MESH) and monitor(VIEW SONIC)are 2 years old. As far as i know it is an ATI Radeon graphics card

Any advice would be appreciated.The Windows firewall also keeps turning itself off recently?

  STREETWORK 20:49 18 Oct 2007

If you can, try another monitor.

check all the cables are in properly and then if no luck you need to open the Pc and check everything is seated properly...

  mike1975 21:00 18 Oct 2007

dont have another monitor to hand,PC has not been moved but wouldnt know what to look for if did open it up!

thanks for reply though

  FungusBoggieman 21:04 18 Oct 2007

have you tryed the power settings/power options

  mike1975 21:17 18 Oct 2007

what do i check with power settings/options?

  ambra4 05:08 21 Oct 2007

Try reseating the memory chips in the connector if that don't solve the problem,

If you using two chip try them one at a time

If only one chip change the connector

  Border View 10:14 21 Oct 2007

Would suggest that you backup all your data. This happened to me just before my hard drive gave up the ghost. The cause was overheating. There was a large amount of dust on the fan in my tower and it wasnt cooling everything properly.

  Armchair 11:36 21 Oct 2007

I'm having exactly the same problem atm. It's the new graphics card I installed on Friday. I've tried everything I know of to get it working.

The screen goes blank, the signal is lost, but programs still run as normal (eg I can still hear games running etc.). Re-starting the PC does not rectify the problem. My old graphics card is fine, though.

Here is my (ongoing!) topic:-

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