VEG 23:53 07 Feb 2005

Well as it says in title they keep dissapearing from my computer and i dont know why. Sometimes one drive will be there after re-boot i have checked the connections but to no avail. Any ideas?

  THE TERMINATOR 01:42 08 Feb 2005

Have you tried removing them in device manager, then re-boot and let windows automatically detect them and re-install the drivers for them. This should be the ticket....TT

  pc moron 01:51 08 Feb 2005

Which OS?

  taffhughes 09:57 08 Feb 2005

I had a similar problem, I lost the icon for my DVD ROM from my computer. After talking to my computer supplier help desk they got me to open my base unit (unplugged from the mains) and check all the connections to my DVD drive. I found that the "ribbon" socket was slightly loose and clicked back into place. On reconnecting to the main and powering up the DVD Drive reappeared and has worked correctly ever since

  Stuartli 10:34 08 Feb 2005

Loose or dislodged connections are the most likely cause, especially if the drives are not listed in Device Manager except when in Safe Mode.

  Stuartli 10:51 08 Feb 2005

Actually your title suggests that we enable you to make them disappear...:-)

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