Help My 74 Year old Dad

  abbiet12 05:48 19 Jul 2007

Hi all my first post please be gentle. My 74 year old widowed dad wants to join the "silversurfer" brigade . So can anybody advise me on whether they think i should buy him a new Pc and expect him to come to grips with Vista or let him have mine and teach him what i know about XP . Also do any isp have a monthly contract as a bit reluctant to sign him up to a contract until he gets used to things . Finally i know its a general question but have spent hours agonising which PC to buy .............any recommendations ? thanks in advance

  Sparkly 06:44 19 Jul 2007

Hi abbiet12 if your dad is new to computers and just about to become a "silversurfer" depending on what exactly his needs will be you probaly will not need a high spec machine, have you thought about getting a secondhand one or as you say "let him have mine and teach him what i know about XP". As to an isp have a monthly contract not sure they do but i could be wrong on that the only option that comes to mind so that you are not in a contract is dialup but thats so slow in comparison to B/B maybe someone else could guide you further on this. Take a look at these hope this helps.
click here
click here

  Simsy 07:04 19 Jul 2007

has a monthly contract option, but I think you pay a higher set up charge for the priviledge.

click here



  hastelloy 07:29 19 Jul 2007

In Leicester we have 2 or 3 organisations which recycle PCs - Environ is the biggest - maybe you have something like this in your area. They do Pentium 3s from £140 and 4s from £170.
I'm with Zen for broadband on a monthly contract - £17.99.

  oldbeefer2 08:22 19 Jul 2007

I would also suggest a course at a local college, if you have one. My local one does courses specifically aimed at the 'more mature' beginners.

  Stuartli 08:28 19 Jul 2007

You may well be surprised at how quickly your father gets into the swing of things...:-)

  Diemmess 09:03 19 Jul 2007

Novatech click here
Is just one firm who offer a range of new PCs where you can choose not only which monitor but which Operating System as well.

Don't underestimate Dad's ability (with you guiding him) over the early strange ways we do things.

  Meshuga 09:22 19 Jul 2007

abbiet12, don`t worry about your dads age, I was over 80 when I started and I`m nearly 90 now and still enjoying computing. As Simsy has said, Plusnet do a mothly contract as do Metronet, who I`m with. Metronet is owned by plusnet and I`ve no complaints against them. My local library run free courses, try yours.

  Technotiger 09:29 19 Jul 2007

You might be surprised how many of 'Us' there are out there ... I am in my 70's and have taught several friends in their mid-80's, they have all taken to it like ducks-to-water. Of course we have plenty of time to practice - and all the more incentive when Grand-kids etc are mostly overseas. Using Skype with webcam and mic makes the World a very small place.

  wee eddie 09:30 19 Jul 2007

Visit the local Library and College, there should be courses for beginners and they may be free + he may meet others in the same position as him which will make him feel less alone.

They will set him off on the right footing and teach him the basics that you and I may have forgotten. By the time he has been at it for a couple of weeks he will probably have a pretty good idea of what he needs and also how to use it. These classes take it very slowly because to the beginners it's like learning to talk, to begin with we don't even know why we want to learn.

  Technotiger 09:50 19 Jul 2007

Should have said this earlier ... "Welcome to the best Forum on the net" get your dad signed-on here when he is up and running, this is a great 'School'. Just looking and reading about all the problems and the fixes, he will learn a lot, and all in his own time, at his own pace.

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