Help with my 2 sata drives plz

  c4rmo 22:35 26 Jan 2005

k i got 2 maxtor 120gb sata hard drives. I use 1 for my downloads movies/music/ect i got about 70gb on it. The 2nd hard drive i use for windows/programs. My windows install was getting bit messy so i decided to wipe the windows drive and install a fresh install of xp. I used maxtor maxblast program to blast the partition xp was on i booted off the windows xp cd and chose to install xp on the 120gb un partitioned space which is my 1st hardrive windows xp installed fine. But when i checked in my computer the windows install was under f:\ and my 2nd Hard drive which i didnt touch with all my files on became c:
is this normal??? did i do anything wrong?? will it cause any problems??

i always thought the o/s had to be on C:\ the 1st partition

  Completealias 22:47 26 Jan 2005

Don't think you did anything wrong just the way it is sometimes, if the systems booting ok then alls good but if you want to sort out the drive paths you could try using the computer management tool in control panel admin tools computer managemnet then disk management select the drive then in action all tasks theres and option to change drive letters and paths not used it myself though

  c4rmo 22:51 26 Jan 2005

yeh i just seen that option in computer management now to change drive letters. It popped up with a message that changing drive letter can cause programs not to work

  User-312386 22:52 26 Jan 2005


If i were you i would remove slave HDD and then re-format/install hard drive so it shows as C: drive

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