help with ms office xp symbols

  Mike D 18:05 14 Nov 2007

A young friend is trying to download her Powerpoint-based lecture notes from university onto her Vista powered laptop using Office XP. The slides contain greek symbols, but these show up as Wingding type pictures, e.g. a bicycle appears instead of gamma,etc. If I download the same lecture on my pc using Office 2000, there's no problem. Any suggestions please?

  MAJ 18:26 14 Nov 2007

Check that she has the correct font installed, the one she used originally to create the presentation.

  Peter 18:28 14 Nov 2007


I think perhaps your young friend's computer does not have the correct font to display the characters correctly. As it displays okay on your you will be able to identify the font and then load it onto your young friends computer.


  Mike D 18:45 14 Nov 2007

Thanks for the suggestions guy. The thick plottens as they say. Her father has an identical, in every respect, pc (which I also set up) and that one displays correctly. I will check, when the Office disks are brought back in with the pc and keep you posted.


  Mike D 13:09 16 Nov 2007

Well I have installed every shared tool from the MS Office disk and still the correct font will not display. As I said earlier, the presentaoin displys correctly on an identical pc, and on an older Office 2000 installation. I have run both identical PCs next to each other and I cannot see any difference in office components.


  Mike D 13:10 16 Nov 2007

Oh, and the font is Arial!

  Sea Urchin 13:25 16 Nov 2007

If she opens the offending page and highlights some of the incorrect characters the clicks on the Format menu then Fonts it should say which font it is displaying. I would be very surprised if Arial was not on the list, but I am not aware that it contains greek symbols. I would also check that the Character Map is installed from the Office disc - check by going to Start > Run > type in charmap and OK and the map should open. If not go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > click on Windows Setup > System Tools > Details > and install Character Map.

  Mike D 13:36 16 Nov 2007

Sea Urchin

Yes it is Arial and yes the Greek characters are there in the Character Map. This one's a real head scratcher. Two PCs open the presentation correctly, but her's looks to be the exacatly same setup, but it will not display the characters in the presentation. Yes, I can insert the characters manually, but that doesn't help us; if she hadn't seen the presentation in its original form at university then she wouldn't have been aware that the greek symbols had been substituted by bicycles!


  Sea Urchin 14:14 16 Nov 2007

Have been searching and there does seem to be a known problem with greek (and other) characters displaying properly. I don't know know whether the following might give you a clue

click here

  Sea Urchin 14:17 16 Nov 2007

The above does apply to old operating systems, but it may well give you some ideas for Vista. Presumably her father's pc is also runing Vista, so the mystery deepens.

  EBritt 03:01 27 Nov 2007

The problem may be that your program is loading another font set before it loads the correct one. In your case a symbol set. Look at the symbol font displayed and try to identify its name, then find it in your list of available fonts and remove or disable it. Your program should then load the correct font the next time it is opened.

I had a similar problem to this and after countless calls to tech support, I stumbled on the solution myself.

Good Luck. Hope it works for you.

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