Help!!!! MP3 Player driving me mental

  TonyTT 19:39 08 Oct 2005

I have just received an MP3 player (creative Zen Touch) and as usual nothing is as simple as it says on the tin.

I am trying to download onto my MP3 player using WMP wma files that I ripped from my CD's. However every time I do it I get a message saying

"Error: Secure storage protection error. Restore your licenses from a previous backup and try again".

I have no idea what this means, I thought that it was perfectly legal to do this. If it is, how do I??


  Totally-braindead 20:07 08 Oct 2005

This may help click here(4794),Kb=ww_english,VARSET=ws:click here or at least have a read here click here theres bound to be something about it. It may not be a fault though, it sounds like the wmp files you have created are copy protected and therefore will not allow you to download them onto your MP3 player. I could be wrong but thats what I think the error message may mean. Try creating another lot of wmp files and see if they work.

  Totally-braindead 20:08 08 Oct 2005

Links aren't working properly, click the third link and ignore the other two.

  SANTOS7 20:11 08 Oct 2005

You need to convert WMA to MP3 first or are you doing that and still get the error messages.

  SANTOS7 20:13 08 Oct 2005

click here
this may help..

  Totally-braindead 20:20 08 Oct 2005

Read SANTOS7s link and I think thats it, its the same error you say you have.

  Monoux 20:21 08 Oct 2005

Are you using WMP to rip the files from CD . If so they should end up as WMA files and simply be transfered to the MP3 player by drag & drop. I do this for my daughter all the time and do not have to convert to MP3 first. You could even use Nero / Wave Editor to shrink the WMA files to get more onto the MP3 player

  TonyTT 21:17 08 Oct 2005

I have looked at that site, it seems to be about downloaded files, I have simply ripped from my CD's.

Also I have tried to convert the ripped wma files to mp3 using nero, but I get a message saying:
"microsofts licence does not allow transcoding of wma files into any other format"

Could you send me a noddy guide as to how you are doing you drag and drop method.
Would much appreciate it.

  SANTOS7 21:51 08 Oct 2005

I think it is to do with the fact that WMA is a microsoft generated file system and there is no codec for convertion cos Big ol BIll says so.

  stevebabes 23:39 08 Oct 2005

tony you cannot convert wma files to mp3. so what you can do is rip the disk to wmplayer the plug mp3 player into the pc click on the sink button then click edit sync list then drag and drop the files i sussed it out by messing with the sinc buttons.

  Monoux 11:27 09 Oct 2005

Tony TT

I create a folder on my hard drive to hold the 'new ' files. Set WMP to use this folder to put the WMA files ripped from the CD. I then plug the MP3 device into a USB slot. This then shows as a new drive ( usually G). Then simply highlight the 'new' tunes/ files then drag them to the drive (g) ? and let go . They should then end up on the MP3 player and you're all done

Hope thats clear. If not email me via the yellow envelope and I'll try and send you some screen shots to make it clearer

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