HELP!! Mother Board!

  alstoj 18:07 16 Jan 2005

Just wondering if anyone has had this problem before.....
was surfin the net when all of a sudden my pc went dead!!!

Tried to reboot but nothing! the PC wont aknowledge nnothing like the mouse, keyboard or monitor!! It doesn't boot but just comes on.

There are 4 fans in ther unit, 2 at the back and 2 on the motherboard itself and they are working fine. My Hard drive is ok too, so I am assuming (after talking to a few people!) that it is my mother board!!

I have an AMD 1800+ cpu. ASUS A7V266-E Socket A mother board with VIA KT266a chipset. Also I have an AGP graphics card.

Can anyone tell me were I can get a new motherboard from or an equivalent upgrade. Been surfing for ages and its getting hard to find anything.

  Gongoozler 18:34 16 Jan 2005

Hi alstoj. I don't think you'll find the ASUS A7V266-E, but the A7V8X-X should do as a replacement. It's very similar but has the ability to use a faster FSB speed.
click here

  alstoj 18:55 16 Jan 2005

Thats what I was thinking but you guys know a hell of a lot more than me. I am a total begginer when it comes to the technical stuff, although I have been doing alot of research and have learned alot in the last 24hrs about the internals.

I have just checked out the forums under "power surge" do you think it could be a new replacement needed or just a reset?? is there any tests to find out, or is there any known common problems when nothing works apart from the 4 internal fans.
or is it worth just upgrading?

If someone told you what I wrote in the first posting would you think it was the MoBo as well??


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:03 16 Jan 2005

Might also be the graphics card or monitor / cable failed.

I assume no picture? Any beeps on start up?

  961 19:03 16 Jan 2005

If you don't have a surge protector in your connection to the mains then please get one. They start at as little as £10

How old is your computer?

This could be power supply unit, motherboard, or a number of things

  alstoj 19:35 16 Jan 2005

No beeps on start up. But would the beep sound on an internal speaker or would it go through the sound card and speakers?

And yep you guessed no picture!!!

The PC is 3 years and 1month old-just out of warranty!!!!!!

Basaically what happens when I press the power on button, (this is just with the power cable attatched to the back to the tower)is that the green power light at the fron comes on as well as the red HDD light and they stay on. I took the side cover off when before I turned it on and saw that there are 2 fans on the back of the tower and 2 fans inside the unit on th M/B - These are all working. The power switch on the front of the unit will not switch of the comp so I have to swith it off by using the switch on the back.

It all started when surfing the net through an NTL broadband modem attatched through a sepperate network card I put in, it uses an ethernet connection.

Thats it

  Gongoozler 21:15 16 Jan 2005

alstoj, the startup (POST) beep comes from the internal speaker. Unplug everything from the motherboard except the ATX power connector, the processor with it's heatsink and the front panel connectors. Try to startup again. You should then get a a POST error beep because of no memory or graphics card. If you don't, then also unplug the reset switch connector. If you still don't get a POST beep you have a failed motherboard, processor or power supply. You can only determine which by substitution.

  alstoj 09:19 17 Jan 2005

Cheers Gongoozler

I'll try the process of ellimination and find out.

Thanks for the help.

If I get any probs I'll be back for more of your expert advice.

  georgemac 10:00 17 Jan 2005

power supply would be my choice to go for first - just added another component (network card & cable modem - modem mains powered?)

do the fans seem to be spinning at the same speed as before?

try removing a couple of components - network card and disconnect the cd/dvd rom drives - power and cables - see if it works then.

however if you used to be able to shut it down by pushing the power button for 4 secs and now that does not work it could be motherboard - or psu!

  alstoj 18:02 17 Jan 2005

hi georgemac, the network card has been in it for about 7 months and worked fine all the way. and yep the cable modem is mains powered.

is there an easy way to check the power to the motherboard?

i'm thinking if thats ok then it will have to be the MoBo and if I replace that then I was going to put a new cpu on any way (as an ugrade)

  Gongoozler 18:05 17 Jan 2005

Hi alstoj. The only ppower you can easily check is the +5V and +12V at a spare drive connector.

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