help with monitoring network

  ali888 03:05 10 Mar 2006


I have two separate networks. Network-A is and the other one Network-B is I have a machine that serve as a Mail Server, attached to network-A. Then, i have 3 personal computers attached to network-B. Network-B can be considered to be my private network separated from the mailserver. All run on XP Pro.

My question is if i want to know if the mailserver is up and running at all times from my private network. what should i do? i mean i don't think i can ping the mailserver from a computer sit on network-B right? Sorry i'm still learning about networking. I think this involves writing a program or script. but i just don't know where to start. I need some guidance here.

The reason i'm doing this is because it occasionally get frozen or something.

Thank you very much in advance

  LeeIT 07:57 10 Mar 2006

if i was you, i wouldnt be lookin in writin a program or script. you should really be lookin at why your mail server is freezing up all the time.

  mgmcc 16:52 10 Mar 2006

<<< Network-A is and the other one Network-B is >>>

Those are not separate networks, they are two IP addresses in the *SAME* subnet and should be able to communicate freely.

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