Help with Modem/Router please

  paul654 11:48 20 Jul 2006

I currently connect to the internet using an Alcatel 'Speedtouch' USB adsl modem. I am wanting to set up a wireless home network so I have bought a 'Belkin Adsl Modem with Wireless G Router'.
My Isp is Pipex xtreme 2mb.
I removed the Speedtouch modem from the USB port as instructed.
I then plugged the Belkin modem/router into a LAN port on my PC, and powered it up.
The instructions then ask that I open IE and Type '' into the adress field.
Then Nothing happens.
When I check my connection details in the Tools section of IE only the Speedtouch USB modem is present. How do I make the PC use the Belkin modem? I'm totally lost....
Any help would be much apreciated.

  ade.h 12:01 20 Jul 2006

Best prectice is to uninstall all software and device drivers from your old modem in order that IE and other browsers are forced to seek an internet connection through the LAN. If you can think of a valid reason for keeping the old modem installation, then you must at least go to the Connections tab of Internet Options and choose to never dial a connection.

  FelixTCat 12:02 20 Jul 2006


Before you can use your new modem, you have to set it up. The first thing you have to do is access its setup pages. ADSL modems usually have setup pages at or but your instructions should tell you which. If yours says then type that into the address bar and hit Go. The introductory page of the modem should then appear.

You now have to set up the modem with the log-on name and password given to you by your ISP (Pipex) and save it. Once you have done that, tell it to lo on and it should connect.

I would also advise that you turn on the modem DHCP server so that it will automatically assign an IP address to your pc.

When you have done this, go to Mt Computer - Control Panel - Internet Options - Connections and make sure that the "Never dial a connection" bullet is selected.

OK out and go back to Internet Explorer and you should now be able to connect to any web page.



  ade.h 12:07 20 Jul 2006

Belkins, like almost all domestic routers, enable DHCP by default. And you will need more information just a username and password.

  paul654 12:47 20 Jul 2006

I'm online !
It was the 'Never dial a connection' that did it.
Just got to set up the wireless connection on my daughter's new laptop'll probably hear from me again..

  paul654 13:13 20 Jul 2006

Ok..I'm back again.
My daughters laptop is picking up the network and asking for a WEP key in order to connect....
On the Belkin setup there are 4 WEP keys..all are a mixture of numbers/letters and are too hard to do I create and save a key that we can remember...I know I sound doscile but I'm clueless

  FelixTCat 13:20 20 Jul 2006


I don't know about the Belkin, but with most wireless routers you can put in a key word or phrase in English and it will generate the 4 keys automatically. The same key word SHOULD produce the same 4 keys in any adapter (but some don't, for whatever reason).

If there isn't a passphrase option, then you will either have to copy down the key exactly as it appears or you can change the encryption to WPA-PK which is more secure and does have the passphrase capability.



  ade.h 13:32 20 Jul 2006

Belkins require an ASCII PSK using a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. The recommended minimum is 20.

My usual tip for PSKs: create your key in a text file, copy that file to all clients, copy its the key to the clipboard and paste it whenever it is required, including the router config itself.

  ade.h 13:33 20 Jul 2006

And you absolutely SHOULD use WPA-PSK.

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