Help With MoBo/Cpu Upgrade

  Ballie 19:16 05 Jan 2005

I want to upgrade my system, I currently have the follwing: MSI 6712 Kt4v mo/bo, AMD 2100+XP, 1280MB Ram (pc2700), 400w psu, BFG Nvidia 6600GT 128mb graphics, Sound blaster 24bit, win XP home.

I would like to upgrade my mother board and cpu but it seems a mine field out there if you don't know exactly what your looking for, I have decided that I want a MSI mobo MSI K8N NEO PLATINUM (in either socket 754 or 939) because I am already familiar with the bios set up on MSI boards. I would like a AMD 64 processor (3000 or 3200) but I am unsure whether to go for the socket 754 or 939 there does not seem to be much difference in the prices (about £30 more for a 939 setup)

The cpu is confusing me, although I know I want a AMD 64 3000 or 3200 on one web site(click here) are selling AMD 64 Winchesters or Newcastle chips, What is the difference between the 2 and why are they the only site I can find that are selling these all the other sites (savastore,lowestonweb,plantemicro) just seem to list AMD 64's with no mention of the Winchester or Newcastle.

If possible could someone tell me what is the difference between 754/939 (is one much faster than the other?)

What is this Winchester/Newcastle all about?

And is the AMD 64 (3000/3200)setup in 754/939 going to be much faster than my current XP2100+ (running at 1.9GHZ)? The reason I ask this is that I understand that the 3000 64 only runs at about 2.GHZ which is not much faster than my current setup!

Also will I have to reistall win xp or can I get away with just fitting my hard drive to the new system?

I am sure some of you will think that these are some stupid questions but if anyone could shed some light on all this for me it would be a big help.

  Ballie 21:46 05 Jan 2005

I need to re-post as I have just spent 2 hours reading all the AMD 64 posts!!!

  howard60 21:58 05 Jan 2005

a hdd will not be very successful transferred to a new mobo. It really needs to be formatted and have windows reinstalled. As for speed not a lot of difference immediately but when the new 64bit windows is operational it should operate almost twice as fast.

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