HELP - Memory problem

  djm2000 23:07 23 Mar 2007

Would someone be kind enough to help out a complete novice?

I've got an basic pc, manufactured by Cybercom (who?). It has a AMD Duron 1.3ghz processor.

It currently has 256mb of memory, which I wanted to upgrade. I looked at the details (DDR, 333mhz, PC2700, CL2.5) on the current memory card and purchased a 512mb version manufactured by Kingston.

I have 2 memory slots in my pc so left the existing 256mb mem stick in the one, and inserted the new stick into the other slot.

Problem is when I turn the PC on, the computer itself appears to switch on (makes all the right noises etc), but the monitor wont switch on, it just says "no input signal".

I've tried swithing the memory sticks around, and have tried using just the new one on it's own, but still no picture on the monitor. It's NOT a problem with the connection between the computer and the monitor because if I take the new memory out and revert back to using just the old 256mb stick the computer and monitor work fine.

The only other info I can give you is that the last time I put the new memory in (I've tried it loads of times this evening!) the computer also made a loud intermittent beeping noise when I switched it on (this didn't happen in any of my previous attemps tho.

Sorry for boring the @rse of you guys, who have probably much better things to do than worry about my crappy memory probs, but I really need this pc upgrading as I've just started my own business and am relying on it!!

Many thanks in advance,


  SANTOS7 23:14 23 Mar 2007

assuming your graphics are not on-board..

While you where putting in your new memory you may well have moved your VGA card slightly, have a look there first making sure it is fitted securely..

  FatboySlim71 23:14 23 Mar 2007

It sounds like you may have dislodged/partly dislodged, your graphics card or the lead from the pc that connects to the monitor. Check all these connections and make sure they are pushed all the way in.

  MAJ 23:16 23 Mar 2007

It might be that, because of it's age, your PC's motherboard doesn't accept a 512MB memory module. If you go to click here and run "The Crucial System Scanner" it will tell you what type and size of memory module your motherboard will accept. Failing that, download, install and Run "SIW" click here and let us know the make and model of your motherboard.

  djm2000 23:17 23 Mar 2007


  SANTOS7 23:19 23 Mar 2007

if I take the new memory out and revert back to using just the old 256mb stick the computer and monitor work fine.

Good spot MAJ i missed that and i am sure you are going in the right direction.

  djm2000 23:22 23 Mar 2007

Apparently I can use up to 1.5ghz of memory, so I should have no problem using 512mb.

It is possible that I have dislodged my VGA card. 2 questions -

1) What does the VGA card look like (sorry - I did say I was a novice)& I'll check it.

2) But as the PC still works fine with it's original 512mb memory card in it, surely the problem can't be down to any kind of dislodged VGA card / lose connection between PC & monitor?


  djm2000 23:23 23 Mar 2007

...sorry last line was meant to read "original 256mb memory"

  MAJ 23:27 23 Mar 2007

Thanks SANTOS7. It was a nuisance that I had with an older PC, couldn't use any module larger than 256MB, at the time it made upgrading a bit of a bind. Mind you, that was an old AMD K6-2 450Mhz processor, djm2000's is a little newer than that, so I'm only guessing.

  MAJ 23:33 23 Mar 2007

Have you tried taking out the 256MB module and installing the 512MB module into the slot that the 256MB module was in? Just trying to rule out a faulty slot.

  SANTOS7 23:46 23 Mar 2007

If the new memory does not work in either slot it may well be a faulty stick or it is in some way incompatible, use the link MAJ has provided for Crucial and see if the listed upgades compat with your PC is the same as the one you have bought..

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