Help me rescue documents from partitioned HD?

  pc chic 15:18 27 Jan 2008

Help please... Following a serious crash in which WindowsXP wouldn't load or repair, my hard drive was partitioned and now runs great, however, some of my old files that were on one or two of the logons are not accessible. I desperately want to get some of the photos back but when I try to open some of the folders it says 'access denied'. I am trying to open them through 'my computer' and the 'C' drive and I think that they are blocked as there was a password on my logon before the crash. I cannot now get the pc to prompt me to re-enter a password. Is there any way of bypassing this or does anyone know of any good software to sort my mess? Most of my photos and files that were on other logons but without passwords are all there.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:29 27 Jan 2008

click here is a freeware prog that might help but read click here first.


  Jim_F 15:34 27 Jan 2008

You need to take ownership,of the files:

Right click on file and select properties

Click on security, then advanced

Add your current user name to the permissions for full access

If you enabled NTFS file encryption then I'm afraid this won't work - you'd need they key file for this which probably wasn't backed up !

  Miké 15:38 27 Jan 2008

I would run Linux from a 'Live CD' and try to access them that way.

  pc chic 10:21 28 Jan 2008

Thanks so much Mike, so simple to do and it worked! The Linux system read all the files. I have now got all my documents and photos back and saved to my new external hard drive. I really thought I had lost them... I couldn't be more pleased!!!
PC Chic

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