peterj 23:43 11 Aug 2005

Whilst trying to fit a second hard drive to my PC I was working with downloaded manufacturers installation software. Eventually I gave up on the supposed tested hard drive (I trusted stuff purchased on ebay - mistake) and attempted to return my PC to the condition it was in prior to my tampering. I found that my secondary IDE controller was now out of action and along with it the CD-rom drives that depended upon it. The system summary re CD Rom drives advised – Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo) has been dynamically disabled. And when I went to check the Secondary IDE controller the report say…This device is either not present, not working properly or does not have all the drivers installed. I then check drivers…best available installed etc. I check device…shows present. So I am back to not working because it has been dynamically disabled. Question…what does this mean and how do I reverse it?

  DieSse 23:47 11 Aug 2005

First try uninstalling it (deleting it) - then restart Windows - it may redetect it and install it again correctly.

  Stuartli 23:50 11 Aug 2005

Have you checked in its Device Manager Properties that it has not been inadvertently Disabled from the menu in the General tab?

You could also try Rolling Back from Driver tab.

  woodchip 23:52 11 Aug 2005

Go into Device Manager and uninstall SECONDARY IDE CONTROLLER, Then load Motherboard Drivers For IDE

  peterj 19:47 18 Aug 2005

the suggestions have been to uninstall SECONDARY IDE CONTROLLER, then load Motherboard Drivers For IDE. This cannot be done as system wont allow. The parent...the bus controler has to be unistalled to achieve this and that will effectively remove all hardware from system - I could end up with nothing.
So I am back to not Secondary IDE working because it has been dynamically disabled. The question is still…what does this mean and how do I reverse it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:03 18 Aug 2005
  Stuartli 20:13 18 Aug 2005

I'll ask again - have you right clicked on the Secondary IDE Controller's Properties from IDE Controllers in Device Manager and checked that it has not been Disabled in the Device Usage menu?

If not then you can install the drivers again by deleting the IDE Controller in Device Manager and rebooting.

Also check that the hard drive's cable and power supply are firmly connected.

  Stuartli 20:21 18 Aug 2005

Another possibility is to go to Run>type Regedit, press F3 and do a search for NOIDE.

If a reference to NOIDE is found, delete it or set the value to 0 (zero) and reboot.

  peterj 20:30 18 Aug 2005

Re stuartli's response. To confirm - Device manager doesnt have a device usage menu but it does advise that this device is not present,is not working properly or does not have the all the drivers installed.the resources menu indicates all is well and I presume that means present... this is confirmed using PC 2005 wizard...and the drivers are shown to be the best available.
To unistall is not allowed nor is it possible to change are refered to the bus master ID controller.

RE connections...all good.

  kandrews8098 20:44 18 Aug 2005

Maybe it has been disabled via the bios automatically while you've been messing with hard drives?

  woodchip 21:39 18 Aug 2005

Then just Load the Motherboard drivers

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