help me please :/

  jaromepogi 02:29 24 Feb 2015

Good day ma'am/sir,

i have a problem about my video card fan NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT... my video card fan is making a noise i don't know what to do with it the noise that the fan making is not consistent after start-up it will make noise sounds after a few minutes it will disappeared and it will back after 5-10 mins...

should i replace the fan of my video card???

  northumbria61 04:39 24 Feb 2015

Try gently blowing or use a soft brush to remove any dust that may have accumulated on the fan OR try this Simple Help

  Daisy_Michael 07:45 24 Feb 2015

What kind of sound/noise is it?

Normally the fan does make a bit of sound/noise while processing hard.

  robin_x 11:19 24 Feb 2015

My laptop was quite new when it started making intermittent fan noises. They would go away if Ipressed or tapped near the fan. Might be clear for a day or two or come and go (not dependent on workload).

Since I'd already voided the warranty by replacing a smashed screen, I took it apart and used some 3 in 1 oil on my fan axis, which fortunately did come apart.

I was thankful it worked but annoyed it needed doing so soon.

Northumbia's link is exactly what I did, but I haven't seen that link before.

I found info from a search like this.

click here

  jaromepogi 19:06 24 Feb 2015

thanks for your response guys i appreciated 1st thought is like what you said mr.robintheumpteenth but, since i never remove video card before that's why i ask someone who have much knowledge about video card problem... anyways does it affect the video card if i didn't fix it for a month or a year?

  wee eddie 19:24 24 Feb 2015

My video card has been doing this, on and off, for the last 5 years. The PC is 8 years old, I oiled it in 2010 and again last year.

However, that does not mean that yours will not be the same.

A general blow out of the dust in the machine would not go amiss.

Borrow a hair dryer and a 1" Paint Brush > Take the PC out of the house > remove it's side panel > give the insides a good blow around > gently use the Paint Brush to dislodge any dust that does not immediately want to lift away > blow again > Return the hair Dryer to your Sister/Mother/Wife > Put the Side Panel back on > plug everything back in and switch on!

  robin_x 21:29 24 Feb 2015

I was forced to fix mine because temps became worse and worse (giving BSODs). Sometimes the fan wouldn't start at all and so laptop shutdown immediately during boot.

CPUs and GPUs have protection, but you don't want them running too hot because it reduces lifetime.

Also the bearing could be damaged.

You'll be OK for a while though probably.

If you are nervous about disassembly, wait till a friend or relative can help.

  Forum Editor 11:42 25 Feb 2015

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