help me please

  Bowencj 21:11 10 Jan 2007

I've recently been able to buy parts for my PC and make it from scratch rather than buy on already pre-made

I've got an MSI K9N platinum M'board,
I've got 2 512 mb ATI radeon X1600 pro graphics cards,
I've got 2 gig of Ram,
a DVD RWR and a DVD-rom drive
I've got a Athlon AMD2 5000+ processor

the only annoying thing is that I've got a few problems

the intelli mouse and keyboard plugs into one of the USBs, however there is no power being sent to the connection, but it works on another PC that I've got,
the DVD-rom drive doesn't seem to send any type of reading to the motherboard, it's powered and connected, but the motherboard just doesn't seem to read it.

XP keeps glitching and freezing in-game and on the desktop and whilst it starts up.

And I'm thick so how do you cross-fire the two cards, does it matter that one's an ASUS and the other is a Sapphire?.

If someone could give me some sound advice that would be quality and very much appreciated, thanks.

  skidzy 21:25 10 Jan 2007

You have not mentioned your it up to the job,looking at your system...i would think you need a good 500watt+ branded psu.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 21:27 10 Jan 2007

the intelli mouse and keyboard plugs into one of the USBs, however there is no power being sent to the connection, but it works on another PC that I've got,
you could try going in to the bios and enableing the usb/suport bit
dont know about the rest

  [email protected] 11:22 11 Jan 2007

Hi Bowencj. You won't get much response as you have posted a problem with insufficient information and which presents too many variables.
You say you have 2 VGA cards. Do you mean installed!
I have read through the manual of your mobo a few times and saw no reference to it supporting a dual SLI configuration? If you do have both installed I suggest you remove one until your system is stable. Someone else may be able to confirm or otherwise what I say.
Leave 1 in the mobo Primary (X16/X8) slot.
There are memory rules for the modern hi spec mobo's: If you have 2 barrettes and 4 slots, they must be in slots 1 and 3 or 2 and 4. (see the manual).
Your mobo requires 350w Minimum for stable operation. In my opinion it should be 500-600w.
Your USB ports don't work - have you installed the drivers? (Probably on the CD-ROM which came with your mobo).
Building your own is pretty much a strict sequence of events so unless you followed the required practice perhaps you should consider starting again.
Read this link and it will give you some idea. I know it is not relevant to your mobo but the principles are the same: click here
and here: click here
There is nothing more rewarding than building your own high spec rig. It does however, require some reading up beforehand and some delicate DIY skills ;-). Good luck :-)

  [email protected] 15:27 11 Jan 2007

`help me please` doesn`t give any indication of what your problem is.You could have been drowning at sea for all anyone knew.

  Bowencj 10:05 14 Jan 2007

thanks for the response guys, sorry to respond so late,
I have a Hyper 580W silent Power supply with the usual molex connections

My Mobo is capable of SLI but cross-fire should work as well, shouldn't it?

  Bowencj 10:08 14 Jan 2007

sorry almost forgot, MY secondary DVD drive isn't showing on the BIOS setup.

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