Help me Mates, I beg you.

  Meyra3131 23:37 15 Jun 2013

Hello mates. Firstly, Sorry for a long post but I beg you to read all through it and help me..

I really really need my problem to be fixed because it is the 3rd day of me having this issue, could not use my computer for gaming for 3 days already. Here I am starting. First off all, the issue is probably with my 'gaming mouse' My mouse is A4 Tech x7 Series. Its model is XL-750BK. I've bought it almost 1,5 year ago and I used it everyday since then. I love to play FPS games, I replay most of the FPS games even I finish them. I have never had issue like the one I am having for 3 days and It appeared on 13th of june. I was playing Black ops 2 ( Single Player ) on 12th of June then I was bored and closed the game and went to sleep. My pc was not even shut, i left it open that night. The next morning I woke up, I wanted to continue the campaign in BO2 but there was something wrong.

Whenever I was moving down quickly to the right,left,up,down,anywhhere, the game was freezing and the fps was going down to 10-15 from 90. I was really pissed of bcuz whenever I plug in some other microsoft office mouse, It was working properly without any problem. I tried to uninstall the driver, and reinstalled. I updated the drivers. I even reinstalled my sound card drivers and graphic card drives with latest updates. The mouse had a software, I tried to play around with its settings such as its DPI settings and acceleration settings etc. But nothing helped me. I even re-installed the software which is called the Oscar Editor X7 bcuz I thought that the one in my pc was not up-to-date. I even updated the software by installing the latest program but nothing helped. I am really mad because Im not able to play anything. This problem persists in most of the FPS games. I don't really think it is something to do with PC Performance because I have a powerful and new PC with good specs. Im having this problem even in few 2003's games. Also when I plug in some microsoft office mouses, It works fine but it is not fun to play with such mouse.... Im really looking forward for your replies, Im begging you guys, I hope someone can help me fix this problem.. Its pissing me off... If you have any question, please ask them.

  Dragon_Heart 03:33 16 Jun 2013

A gaming mouse get's some hammer

The XL-750BK has quite a detailed specification so there is more probability for something to go wrong

It could be a problem with your USB port, it's a very 'fast' mouse compared to a standard mouse

Can you borrow a local mates XL-750BK or other gaming mouse to try ?

How to Test the Speed of an USB Port

  Chronos the 2nd 03:59 16 Jun 2013

Mouse has died or dying, it looks like it needs replacing. For quality and reliability and excellent customer service have a look at Logitech mice.

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