Help me! How to make my pc wireless?

  charlii_ 18:52 08 Oct 2008

Hi I really don't understand computers :(
We've got a family pc connected to the internet (not wireless), and I'm getting a laptop for college. How can I get wireless, change the family pc to wireless and connect it all up for as cheap as possible?

Any help appreciated :)

Thanks x

  mgmcc 19:38 08 Oct 2008

See if this helps - click here

  charlii_ 19:47 08 Oct 2008

Thanks, I read it, but I still don't actually understand what I need to do, do I have to ring up VirginMedia and ask for wireless? Or can I just buy a router and plug it in, buy a USB wireless stick for pc and connect them all including the laptop (which I've also yet to buy, but I'll make sure it's wireless ready).

I know I'm being a pain in the bum, but any chance someone who really knows their stuff can help by writing step-by-step instructions for an idiot/me?

Thanks x

  mgmcc 20:28 08 Oct 2008

You don't have to do anything with Virgin, you can set it all up yourself. You don't say whether your broadband is *CABLE* or *ADSL* because Virgin provide both systems.

With Cable, you would use a wireless "Cable/DSL" router which connects by network cable to the ethernet port in the Cable Modem. Computers then connect either by ethernet cable or "wirelessly" to the router.

With ADSL, you would use a wireless *combined* "Router & ADSL Modem" which replaces the USB Modem.

<<<< any chance someone who really knows their stuff >>>>

I'll try not to be insulted by that. I did write the post in the article I linked to.

  charlii_ 20:37 08 Oct 2008

Sorry! I didn't aim that at you at all, I wasn't suggesting that you don't know what you're doing because you obviously do, I was just hoping some computer wizz would take pity on me and help.

I don't know which broadband I have, it must be frustrating for you to try and explain to someone who doesn't know the basics. Is there any way to find out? Or do you think I should give up and give PC World a ring to come and sort it all?

Sorry again :) x

  mgmcc 20:42 08 Oct 2008

Cable broadband comes in via a cable from the street, which will go to either a "Cable Modem" or a TV "set-top box" and the PC will connect to that.

With ADSL broadband, you plug a modem into the phone line.

  charlii_ 20:48 08 Oct 2008

Ooh okay, ours is plugged into the phoneline, so I'll need the *combined* "Router & ADSL Modem". As I'm going to have the PC and a laptop would this be what I need? click here

Thank youu x

  mgmcc 22:19 08 Oct 2008

Yes, that Modem/Router should be fine.

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