Help Me Get Rid Of CantFind Please

  SupaSteph64 01:09 27 Feb 2003

I think my sister in law has downloaded something from the web with my pc and now, when I go onto certain web sites, the page I want loads up but as soon as its finished, it flicks over to a search page from 'click here'. I've been to their main page and it says my machine has probably downloaded something from their site to make cantfind my default search page. But why does it come up when I'm not doing a search? ANd how do I change my default search with Win 98se and I.E. v6.0.2600.0000? The sites it effects are: eBay, Mapiln, even PCadvisor to name but a few. Other sites seem fine ie. my own, my companies, and many others. Is it because the effected sites have a search fcility?
As an example if I go to the main page it's fine. The page loads and it stays there. If I type in DVD player into the 'what are you looking for?' box and hit enter a page of search results comes up and then as soon as it's finished loading changes to a page with this URL: 'click here;kw=dvd+player;page=listing;sz=468x60;region=0;ord=1046307794630?' (sorry if these links turn into 'Click Me's').
I'm have to do a HDD format and re-install if I can't fix it. If I need to, how do I back-up ALL my important e-mails & addresses in MS Outlook (not express)?

Thankyou if anyone can help!!!!!!!


  Djohn 01:55 27 Feb 2003

No format needed! this can be fixed, to start with delete all your temp. files, and temp. internet files.

Remember your pass words for any sites that need them, (Such as this one), and then delete all your cookies. This will help to get rid of anything on your drive that should not be there, without causing any major changes.

If you still have the problem then download Ad-aware from lavasoft. com

Download it anyway, it's a good free program for clearing out any spyware that has loaded itself onto you drive. click here when you have done this it will be a good idea to give your H/drive a defrag, and you will find your PC will run faster on and off the net.

If you are still having problems, please post back on this same thread for more information. J.

  SupaSteph64 17:55 27 Feb 2003

Hi Djohn, thanks for the info. Did all of the above. Ad-aware found quite a few things. These were quarantined and I ran it again as its help file suggested and it found nothing else, but I still have the same problem with
Maybe if I could change my default search client it would help. Does anyone know how to do that in Win 98se and IE6?

  Gaz 25 18:02 27 Feb 2003

Go to click here and download the software.

Then scan your system and select them and click Fix problems.

This should do the trick.

Hope it helps,

  SupaSteph64 19:42 27 Feb 2003

Well Gaz 25. It found a whole bunch of stuff. A lot of it was old stuff I know is ok and user recent file lists etc. There were a few new things that could have been suspect so I got it to 'fix' them. And guess what?
It's still the same.
I'm going to start a new thread with Change Default Search Client to see if someone can help me do this, as I got a clue to that being the problem from the cantfind website.


  Gaz 25 21:01 27 Feb 2003

Thanks to you!!!

I work for a Security Company and now am sort of the manager. You have just helped me..

The website is a Hijacker, but nothing can solve the problem, I will be putting cantfind into my Signitures for Hijackers and also on my blocked list of URL's.

I just visited the cantfind site and it did the same to me, luckily I had a Registry backup and a restore. Just added to my Software lists and so it aint going to get away with it.

I have sent the Comapny an e-mail forcing that they shut that damn site down or I will take legal action if that aint work I will shut it down. (DANGEROUS)...

A way to remove the thing...

Make a backup (System Restore) and then, open search in Windows and set it to search ALL files and search for cntfnd; cantfind; and delete any suspect files, especially any located in IE folders.

Then, open IE (No internet required) and go into: Tools > Internet Options > then when box pops up click Settings... > View Objects and delete any that say Cantfind or any that realte to that site, you can find out by right clicking each one and selecting properties and seeing where they were downloaded from if it says, delete it.

Now, open up the registry (Start > Run > Type: regedit) then go to Edit menu > Click Find > Type, > Delete any entries with this. To search for any more click find next from the Edit menu again.

This should then remove the swine, if you have any problems please post back, and if you encouner Windows Errors this could be because you have deleted Offical Microsoft Files, just do a System restore.

  Gaz 25 21:03 27 Feb 2003

Try going to cant find and doing a full look through any pages to see if there is a remove button, there may be one on the privacy page.

It is illigal to not have an uninstall feature.

  Gaz 25 21:06 27 Feb 2003
  Gaz 25 21:08 27 Feb 2003


  Gaz 25 21:10 27 Feb 2003

Online scan for Virus -
click here

Information about Searchex and from Anti Virus Comapany Mcafee -
click here

It is also a trojan/.

  SupaSteph64 09:48 02 Mar 2003

Hi Gaz 25,

Thanks for all the help. I follwed the link in the
Thu, 27.02.03 | 21:06
posting you made. Very eay to get rid of once you know how. Once I got there I recocnised the other name it goes by, Searchex. That how it stared off and then migrated to CantFind a short while after.
It seems it was hidden in a Spam Valentines card and not my sister-in-law's browsing after all. That means I owe her an apology (Very Painful) as I banned her from using my PC EVER AGAIN. And trying to find a chemist for the amount of Rennie I need on a Sunday after eating so much mumble pie will be tricky too.

Anyway cheers for your help once again and I hope you succeed in shutting them down.


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