help me get picture and sound from analog camcorde

  andyloran 16:24 03 Nov 2006

I am trying to transfer my old analogue tapes to PC so I can edit them. I tried with one TV card and was unable to get a signal although everything seemed to install ok. I thought it may be a problem with XP and having to get a driver update, so I bought a new device. VideoXpress, ADSTech. I installed it and just cannot get a signal in. It seems to have installed ok but I cannot get sound or picture, not a flicker. I must be doing something wrong, can anyone please help?

  Fellsider 17:06 03 Nov 2006

"I tried with one TV card and was unable to get a signal although everything seemed to install ok"...

What have you connected to what?

Connect the VCR using the co-ax (out) lead to the TV card (input) and see if you can tune the TV card to receive the signal. Then record the data from the tape using whatever recording software you have.

  andyloran 17:27 03 Nov 2006

I connected the sony video 8 camcorder to the adstech using the 2 phono leads and then the ADSTECH to the pc via USB. I ran the installation disc and it installed the software, it told me to change the settings to PAL ETC. which I did. It tald me that when I had made the correct settings I would hear audio and see the video on the screen. I have used all the variations of settings and still see and hear nothing.

  woodchip 17:51 03 Nov 2006

This what Iuse when using a analog camcorde click here

  Fellsider 19:54 03 Nov 2006

You appear to have only connected the audio (2 phono leads) presumably the red and white leads. What about the video - the yellow lead/input?

Is it recording anything? i.e. does it create a file (albeit silent and with no picture)?

  Terry Brown 20:16 03 Nov 2006

It looks from the description that you have to use an S_Video cable to connect from your camcorder to the computer.
It could be that the Camcorder is not transmitting on the correct frequency for your card. If you have an AUTOSCAN setting use that to get the right setting. (S_Video bypasses the tuning system)

  Technotiger 20:30 03 Nov 2006

Hi, as already said above, you appear to have ommitted to connect the video (yellow) lead from cam.

click here

  Technotiger 20:31 03 Nov 2006

ps - my camcorder has a mini-plug to 3xphone, red/white for audio, yellow for video.

  Technotiger 21:37 03 Nov 2006

Ooops - 3xphono not phone

  andyloran 02:05 04 Nov 2006

I have the yellow (video on camcorder) to yellow, the red is unconnected at both ends, and the white from the ADSTECH is connected to the black on the camcorder (audio).
When I go to the Settings it shows the camera and when I click on Test, it says device is working properly, but when I try to capture it says there is no signal. I have used different leads also. The only other connection on the camcorder is a small round hole that says RFU DC OUT. I have nothing that fits that.I have tried to record with ROXIO 8 it tells me that capture device has been lost.

  Technotiger 06:41 04 Nov 2006

Maybe you need the right codec?

click here

or this - click here

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