Help me find a suitable slide scanner please!

  A15 15:28 05 Jan 2004

Hi all,

I have been having a rummage recently & have rediscovered my grandparents slide collection from the early 1960's. I would dearly love to view these slides again as I have not seen them for around twenty odd years.

Now, the problem is that these slides are medium format slides (6cm x 6cm or 2 1/4" x 2 1/4") & will not fit a standard 35mm slide projector or scanner. The magazines they are in are called magazin 77 format (yes the missing 'g' is purposeful!) & were manufactured by a German company called Rollei. The only slide projector I can find to show these slides costs in excess of £1200.00 which needless to say is a little excessive to view the old collection!

So I thought of transferring them to CD & viewing them on the DVD player, only I cannot find a slide scanner that will accept a format larger than 35mm. Does anybody know of such a scanner? Budget is very limited I am afraid & I have taken to scouring Ebay, but with no joy. Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.

  Pesala 15:47 05 Jan 2004

I cannot find it now, but I have seen a tip for making a home-made backlighter for scanning slides on a standard flatbed scanner. Presumably one could make it big enough for 6cm slides.

You may find some good advice here. click here I'll let you know if I come across the webpage.

  A15 16:02 05 Jan 2004

If you do find that info, that would be great, as I do have a flatbed scanner.

  Pesala 16:14 05 Jan 2004
  stlucia 16:19 05 Jan 2004

What kind of scanner have you got? Epson make film and slide adapters for several of their models, and other makers probably do so also. The Epson one I have copes with 4 35mm slides at once, so will certainly take a 60mm x 60mm slide. It cost me about £70, I think.

I'm not sure about making a home-made light box because one thing the Epson scanner does, when you select the adapter as your source, is re-focus slightly to take account of the fact that the slide film is not in contact with the glass surface.

  Stuartli 16:32 05 Jan 2004

Rollei is a very famous German photographic name - I still use one of its superb automatic slide projectors; I also had one of the firm's twin lens reflex models for a while, as well as the Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex equivalent.

The one problem with using a flatbed scanner is that the resolution is nowhere near that of film, although some of the Canon LiDE models do have impressive specifications.

This link may help:

click here

and this for a list of scanners:

click here

But it may be cheaper just to get a professional photo lab to do the scanning for you...:-)

  A15 16:59 05 Jan 2004


Thanks for info. I will study this idea further, but my scanner software will not allow me to tweak settings too far, so I do not hold out much hope!


My scanner is an all-in-one. a Brother MFC-890 & as far as I am aware, no adaptors are available for this machine.


Thanks for the sites, will check these out further. I know that Rollei is a famous German photographic company, as did my grandparents. Unfortunately though I don't think they thought about when the machine needed replacing!!

  Sheila-214876 17:15 05 Jan 2004

A film scanner that takes larger than 35mm will cost a fortune. As this seems to be a "one off" it wouldn't be cost effective to buy your own scanner. Get down to your local Jessops branch, they will put them on to CD for you. Failing that Coe Digital will also do the same. If you don't have local shops go to click here or click here

  A15 19:07 05 Jan 2004

Thanks ennuye.

It may be best to go down the route of having them transferred professionally. Especially at a cost of 30p each & as this is something that should only need doing once.

Alternatively I may follow Stuartli's suggestion & used the Slidescan system & have a go myself.

Any way think I will tick this as resolved now. Thanks to everyone for the valuable info.

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