Help me choose a wireless router

  Bike-it 19:34 11 Jan 2007

I am looking to set up a wireless home network which will be a desktop pc and two laptops all running windows xp.I need broadband on all three machines and be able to send files from one machine to the other.
I have looked at a few routers but to be totally honest i know sweet fa about them. Check out the links below and give me all your expert opinions please.another thing are the usb adaptors ok to use or are you better to get a pci card fitted to the machines, does the usb adaptor effect the speed and perforamce of the internet/file sharing experience.


click here#

click here

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  STREETWORK 20:01 11 Jan 2007

The netgear listed first looks good, but the laptops must be able to connect to it using either a built in wireless card or an adapter (usb). Range can be an issue but this ought to do the job up to about 30m provided there is no thick walls blocking the connection.

If you connect the router to the main PC using an ethernet card setting up the other laptops should be easy enough as long as you follow the instructions...

  Bike-it 20:10 11 Jan 2007

The laptops can be connected with a usb adapter, i know you will laugh but what is an ethernet card?

  STREETWORK 21:19 11 Jan 2007
  Strawballs 00:57 12 Jan 2007

Going by the routers that you have listed you get your internt through a phone line and not cable.

  Bike-it 19:01 12 Jan 2007

Yes strawballs internet through the BT phone line ISP Tiscali.

  Strawballs 19:14 13 Jan 2007

click here any of these

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