Help me choose a laptop.

  JTurnip 09:42 04 Feb 2012


i'm not a complete idiot when it comes to computers but i am pretty indecisive and cautious.

Basically i'm in the market for a new laptop for uni but i can't make my mind up what to get.

My basic requirements are;

It needs to be reasonably portable with a decent battery life. i'll be using it for general word processing but will also be running auto cad and ies virtual environment (both heavy cpu users) i'll not really be using it for games but do occasionally play football manager so i wouldn't mind it being able to run that at a decent speed.

My budget is between £400-600 obviously the lower end of that scale would be better.

i like the look of these but as i say i'm indecisive.

any advice will be appreciated.


  frybluff 12:07 04 Feb 2012

Obviously, you need to check the minimum system requirements of the particular programs you are likely to be running (some Autocads are really "thirsty". I tend to think you may find the Fujitsu may be a bit "lightweight", in terms of hard drive. Of the two Lenovos, the Thinkpad may be better quality, but the G570 gives more "bang for your buck". Having said that, there are numerous versions of the G570; the one you show is the basic version. Some of the higher spec versions may be a bit more expensive, but possibly better value for money. There is also a Z570 which may be a good compromise between spec, and quality.

  frybluff 12:16 04 Feb 2012

PS. Lenovo's website appears to be having some problems with links, at the moment. Somewhere like saveonlaptops, is a good place to check the specs.

  john bunyan 12:23 04 Feb 2012

I would look a John Lewis (2 year guarantee) as a vendor, and Toshiba as laptop in your range.(Good back up, spares etc)

  frybluff 14:00 04 Feb 2012

I certainly agree with the value of John Lewis' guarantee. I just wish they'd carry a bigger range, certainly it terms of reasonably priced performance kit. Perhaps the fact that they are, in effect, financing an extended warranty, says something about those they don't stock, but I may be being unfair.

  JTurnip 22:52 04 Feb 2012

Thanks for the replys, all really helpful.

i found this one on amazon that seems to fit the bill.

any thoughts?

  frybluff 09:09 05 Feb 2012

That is good value for money, provided you can actually GET IT at that price. It has integrated graphics, which is good enough for MOST applications, other than complex gaming, or video editing, but I would recommend that you check that the software you are going to be using doesn't call for a dedicated graphics card.

  Silverbrick 06:59 08 Feb 2012

There is a good deal at comet: It has a core i5 which is quite powerful and 8gb of ram.

  Silverbrick 07:48 08 Feb 2012

Not that particular model has but you can find it in other places

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