Help me change my dads power settings?

  dougle00 23:17 09 Nov 2007

My dad has a laptop with 2 users setup. He does not have admin settings. I tried to set it so it does not switch off when he closes it but he does not have permission to change settings.

I changed it in the admin account but it has not changed his account.

Any ideas?


  johnnyrocker 23:19 09 Nov 2007

get your dad to post?


  dougle00 23:24 09 Nov 2007

Any helpful post apart for jackass?

  Totally-braindead 23:32 09 Nov 2007

dougle00 theres no call for that he might have a perfectly reasonable reason for asking this.

Can I ask why your dad is not the administrator? Normally when you set up the first account its automatically made the administrator account.
Is it perhaps second hand and the other person is still listed or something?

Actually thinking about it. Its a laptop. Aren't they meant to switch off when you close the lid anyway? Can they be set to not do this? This is for others to answer dougle00 as I've not seen anyone wanting to do this and kind of think of it as a safeguard so you don't leave it on.

  SANTOS7 23:33 09 Nov 2007

I tried to set it so it does not switch off when he closes it...

All a bit vague dougle00 a bit more info would not go amiss i along with johnnyrocker am not sure exactly what you want to do..

I'll go with this click here

assuming your O/S is XP...

  dougle00 23:37 09 Nov 2007

Guys my Dad is a computer idiot. My brother in law set up an admin account which we have access to but don't let my dad use it as he will spank the computer accidentally.

I need to change the power management settings on his account but it will not give me permission to do so.

Can I elaborate any more for anyone else?


  dougle00 23:41 09 Nov 2007

Not meaning to be funny but I was getting the sense that I was being accused of something idiotic.

  SANTOS7 23:47 09 Nov 2007

click here

It maybe because your dads account is not part of the Administrators group, the link may help...

  woodchip 00:03 10 Nov 2007

So fare we have had a jackass and a idiot. Glad I hame not is Dad

  lotvic 00:05 10 Nov 2007

"I tried to set it so it does not switch off when he closes it .. I changed it in the admin account but it has not changed his account"

It would help us all if you fully explained what you changed in the admin account to make it not switch off - in what way do you mean 'does not switch off when he closes it' do you mean in standby, sleep, or still running the O/S with him not logged off? and 'when he closes it' does that mean the lid of the laptop or your dad closing his session (logging off) ?

I also am not clear what it is you are trying to achieve, maybe a phone call to your brother-in-law is called for as he will know how he set the computer up.

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