Help me :'(

  HMLithman 04:02 13 Jul 2006

My PC is not working anymore. The error message that I received before it got completely useless was 'Virtual Memory Too Low'. Few hours later, I decided to format it but before that, whenever I start the Windows, it won't load. The same thing happened even after the formatting. I opened the CPU case, and I could see the fan was not moving at all. What should I do? I have reformatted it many times to see if it worked or not but it didn't. So? What should I do? Could it be the harddisk? or the processor? or both? And how to make my PC be functioning again? Please don't tell me 'buy a new PC' :p

  MichelleC 08:37 13 Jul 2006

Low vertual memory wouldn't render the pc useless. What are the symptoms; does it try and boot up, are there any beeps or lights or sounds or is it just dead, anything showing on screen?

  johnshaw 09:07 13 Jul 2006

If the CPU fan doesn't move at all, I think you'd better send it to a computer reair shopt and repair it firstly. Some strange software problems might be caused by hardware.

  Diemmess 09:07 13 Jul 2006

["Few hours later, I decided to format it but before that, whenever I start the Windows, it won't load."]

Do you mean you have reformatted your Hard Disk?

If you have then you will have to install Windows from scratch before it will load.

If you haven't reformatted, then don't even think about it for the present!

I assume you do see something after switching on please say what you DO see?

  HMLithman 09:26 13 Jul 2006

When I arrived at home, the screen was black and the mouse didn't respond and the light indicator didn't blink at all. I turned the pc off, turned it on and installed Windows as well as reformatting it while the pc is warming up (which I changed the BIOS option to boot from cd) because when I let the pc to warm up normally, it will be 'frozen' just after loading XP (the white bar thing) or sometimes before that. The indicator light would not be blinking and most of the time whenever I turn the PC on, it would be 'off' (no light) just before or while loading the XP white bar. That's the story...

  HMLithman 09:27 13 Jul 2006

I forgot to mention that even when I was re-installing Windows, the warning message about Virtual Memory popped up! I wonder why because I have reformatted the pc :s

  HMLithman 09:32 13 Jul 2006

[I assume you do see something after switching on please say what you DO see?]
I don't see anything special, just normal stuff I've always seen for the past 5 years since I got the pc.
Is the fan problem serious? Does it have to do with my problem? Do I have to buy a new fan only or a whole set of new processor? :s

  terryf 09:40 13 Jul 2006

Find a small local PC repair shop and ask them what it might cost to replace the fan. Of course you may be faced with the additional cost of replacing the processor if it is fried. If you decide that you can replace the fan yourself, you need to find out what processor you have and then google for processor cooling fans

  HMLithman 03:10 14 Jul 2006

Well, another guy also told me to replace the fan and he claimed that once I change the fan, all would be back to normal. Is that true? And also, there's like a long narrow board with around 8 microchips on it which I can take the board out from the slot, I'm not sure what it is but i have searched over the internet and I think it is RAM board and without it (not sure if you know what im talking about cuz I myself not sure what the thing is but on the slot, if you wanna pull the board off, the slot's got something like jack/clip thing where you push it and it will jack the board), the PC will beep endlessly, so I took another board from another PC but the chips size is a bit different, and perhaps the quantity of it is different too and put it into another slot. Is aht a wise thing to do? I also put another harddisk which I took from a different PC (HewlettPackard pc with Windows 2000 whereas my pc is not from HP but from Samsung i guess). Is this ok? using harddisk from different PC manufacturer? But still my pc aint working...

  wee eddie 07:57 14 Jul 2006

You appear to think that you can pull a complex piece of equipment apart and stick it back together again in a random order with assorted parts from a different machine.

Get real. If you are going to open your PC and fiddle. Read the Manual, and find out how it works first.

  HMLithman 08:13 14 Jul 2006

Hmmm actually I put the RAM card and put it back AFTER this problem arose, and I added another RAM card into the second slot with high hope that my PC will get back to normal... but I think the most thing I need to do is to replace the fan, is it true? But can I add extra harddisk from another manufacturer and RAM card from another manufacturer too? :s My PC is not HP-made but the extra harddisk is from HP :s

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