Help with MB and CPU please

  iqs 15:48 17 Oct 2008


Can you please help with advice and tips on how to identify what CPU will work with a MB?.

From what I have read so far,I was on the understanding that you just checked with the MB manufacturer web site to confirm what CPU will work with it.

But recently I was informed you need to check if the chipsets support that CPU,and the voltage etc etc.Mainly Intel MB and CPU's.

So any help to clarify my confusion will be of great help.

Thank you

  Technotiger 15:56 17 Oct 2008

I don't profess to know much about mobo's/chipsets, but I would expect that if a Manufacturer of a mobo says that certain CPUs would be fine on their mobo's, then that would certainly be enough for me.

  Fingees 16:16 17 Oct 2008

If you are building, or just changing a MB, I would reccomend looking at Novatech

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Choose either a Motherboard bundle, or Barebones system.

They are firstclass, and if you have a query prior to purchase, they are always willing to help

  iqs 16:35 17 Oct 2008

Hi Technotiger,Thats what I thought,but then I was told you have check the chipsets as well,you cant go by the MB manufacturers website???.

Hi Fingees,I always buy from Novatech,well for PC components any way.I was going to buy a new chip for a PC I built for someone,but the MB manual says one thing,then someone else says something different ,that's when it becomes confusing .

Thank you both for your help.

  MarvintheAndroid 18:03 17 Oct 2008

You need to consider two things. First and foremost, CPUs are designed to fit a particular CPU socket type. As long as you match the CPU to the socket, it will fit.

That is fine as far as it goes, but processor technology moves ahead all the time, and motherboard manufacturers try to anticipate new faster chips before they are even available. A point will come when the latest CPUs will not work in older motherboards that were not designed for them - although often this can be remedied by flashing the BIOS with a later version.

If you are buying new it is quite straightforward, as you can check with the vendor that the motherboard and CPU that you want to buy are compatible. If you buy them together you should be safe.


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