Help with Mail Merge

  dazwm 12:55 02 Mar 2007

I am using mail merge to make some labels. I have data in each cell and about 6 columns in excel. The amount of labels should be about 100 but when I use mail merge and use the wizard and select all it only does one sheet. What am I doing wrong please?

  dazwm 14:01 02 Mar 2007


  terryf 15:14 02 Mar 2007

have you gone to help and typed mail merge and then followed the instructions?

  Gingermum 16:59 02 Mar 2007

I assume you're using a post-2000 version of Word. MS in its infinite wisdom, instead of showing a preview of the labels with the data fields in each label, replaced them with sample data. Result: you have one sheet of what looks like the actual labels. It's only an example. You must look in your task pane and click "Complete Mail Merge" where you will be given various options.
Do an advanced search in Google and limit the site to microsoft for more help.

  dazwm 07:42 05 Mar 2007

If you read my post correctly you can see that I have completed the wizard but it only prints 1 page.

  Taff™ 09:12 05 Mar 2007

Which version of Word are you using? I also suspect you haven`t completed the merge. Hover your mouse over the icons and find the "Merge to new document" - your document should open in a new window called "Labels 1" - what is your current document called? You may need to show the mail merge toolbar - right click on a blank piece of a toolbar and select mailmerge from the drop down list.

  dazwm 09:23 05 Mar 2007

I am using Office 2003 and how many times have I to say that I have completed the wizard!!

  Hayrick 10:07 05 Mar 2007

I understand you have arrived at the preview labels page. It is strange but at this stage only one page is shown. However if you then select print right at the end of the Wizard you can select what to print – print all and OK. Again at the printer setup page select all. This works for me printing 6 pages of labels.

  Taff™ 10:34 05 Mar 2007

Go back to the original merge document and merge to new document again. You should get a new document as I said before called Labels 1 - If this doesn`t happen you haven`t completed the wizard.

At the bottom of your current Word document it probably says Page 1 Section 1 1/1 which tells you that there is only one page - this will show you the first page of labels. With the Mailmerge toolbar showing you will be able to click on the ABC icon (With << >> above ABC) which views the merged data. To the right of that is a number showing the current record number. Press the icon to the right to reveal the last record - how many records are there?

  CAS123 23:00 09 Oct 2007

I need help (to some it may be a basic request).
I have been given an excel document with names, addresses, telephone numbers.
I need to make labels from this address list and am struggling on how best to do it.
Could anyone help get me started?

  Taff™ 10:37 10 Oct 2007

Please start a new subject and we`ll be pleased to help you. This topic has been marked as resolved so you won`t attract attention for your problem. Use the same title as you have but tell us which version of Office you are using as well.

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