help lost info on half of drive

  shauny36 07:50 27 Oct 2008

my son has 2 hds c with xp on and a 40g which i split into 2 partions 20g each (4months ago)which he used for putting his music etc in.
but the other day i could only access 1 half of the drive and the other was coming up as 0 bytes then do you want to format now.

so i put it in my pc as sec master and was just the same so tried to clone his drive and put it on my master drive (arconis true image)which took 8hrs and completed BUT now my pc will not boot up only gets to boot from cd and stops. have took his hd out and it stil does the same and have changed the boot sequence but still the same.


  Technotiger 09:02 27 Oct 2008

Hi, I have never used it, but Acronis has a Partition merge capability - perhaps you could merge the two partitions back to just one partition. As I understand it, this does not cause any loss of data etc.

  shauny36 10:01 27 Oct 2008

am using 2 diferent hds and cant boot my pc to windows.can i plug my win hd to another pc via usb and run something from there.

  shauny36 13:52 27 Oct 2008

can i use a boot disc to boot straight to windows or not .

if so where can i get 1 from

  shauny36 14:52 27 Oct 2008

have put my drive in another pc.
it did not have any partions on and now it has 3 and the one with windows on is the one i cant accsess.
my drive was working ok till i cloned the other drive now its doing the same as the old drive except i cant boot to windows.

please help

could i put all the partions back together on 1 drive and will it work ok or kan i roll it back to how it was b4

  Technotiger 14:58 27 Oct 2008

Sorry, I could not get back to you earlier - I am afraid it looks as if you really do have quite a problem(s). Cloning the drive and putting it onto your master was the mistake. It really looks as if you are going to have to format and start again from scratch with a re-install of XP.

Do you not have an Acronis Rescue Disk and backup to fall back on? If not, then read on ...

If you have your original XP cd then you might be able to effect a Repair by booting from that, or if you do not have the cd, perhaps you could borrow one to try.

Unless anyone else can come up with a better idea.

  Pamy 15:37 27 Oct 2008

Some cloning software clones a didk to another one, but removes what is on it originally so, your originall XP software may have been wiped

  shauny36 15:41 27 Oct 2008

but i cloned from a second hd WITHOUT windows to my main hd with windows.

so instead of only having 1 drive c on my main comp i now have 3 partions and no windows.

  Pamy 15:47 27 Oct 2008

Exactly, you cloned to the drive with XP on it

  shauny36 16:07 27 Oct 2008

can i reverse this

  Pamy 16:16 27 Oct 2008

Not that I know

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