Help looking for some good CAD software

  Sparkly 08:08 19 Oct 2009

Morning guys
My son has been working for a company that mostly does repairs to houses when they have been damaged i.e water/fire most of this is insurence work i think, but they allso have there own construction/demolition side. They are not a big company but are doing very well and allways busy, just lately he and the owner have been thinking of getting more into the design and build side of the trade and were thinking of getting a CAD Programme to use in this side of the business, they had been looking at this click here
This is a trial and is very expensive and was thinking if anyone here could suggest some good CAD Programme they are quite prepared to pay for a good Programme but not as expencive as the above i think he said that one was in the region of £4.000 im not sure what i would be looking for so any links to some good CAD software would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

  howard64 09:34 19 Oct 2009

I have been using turbo cad for many years now and it can import and export in the format that most pro firms use like autocad. Serif were doing an offer for about £29 a couple of weeks back. Try putting turbocad into google and see what offers come up.

  Sparkly 09:51 19 Oct 2009

Hi howard64
Thanks for the link just took a look at TurboCAD 16 Deluxe and have emailed it to my son at work look pretty good to a novice like myself just have to wait and see what he thinks.
Thanks again.

  cocteau48 10:34 19 Oct 2009

Completely free and unlimited click here
but lacking the architectural features of the Pro package which is $695.

Have not used it but may be worth a look.

  Sparkly 10:43 19 Oct 2009

Thanks free is allways a good option sending it on when i finish this.


  Picklefactory 13:17 19 Oct 2009

I also use Turbo Cad at work, it's not quite as good as AutoCad, but as AutoCad is also hugely expensive, that is to be expected. Turbo is pretty good, but the only glitch we've found is transferring from Turbo to AutoCad. Turbo can open AutoCad fine, it's just in one direction we've found issue, even when saving Turbo drawings in AutoCad native format, sometimes it messes up on dimensions and text when opened in AutoCad. Other than that, it's a good little package for a very cheap price. Avanquest are the manufacturers and they have an online shop, or you can get from Amazon too, I think.

  Sparkly 14:22 19 Oct 2009

Hi Picklefactory
Had an email about 15mins ago and it looks like they are going to go for TurboCAD 16 Pro Architectural thanks for your input.

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