help with login script or a login to view site

  ©®@$? 15:02 01 Mar 2004

i'm going to create a website consisting of photo's so basically it is going to be a photo album..

but what i would like is to have a login box appear when anyone goes to my site, so only the people i give the username and password can i will be having private pictures of my family on there!

what do i need to do to achieve this thanks

hope your out there taran

  Taran 15:34 01 Mar 2004

If your web host supports PHP you might want to consider Gallery, a very good PHP application for photo galleries. It auto-thumbnails images, you can password protect areas and have user accounts and even assign user accounts to people who you will allow to upload their own photos to your site.

click here

It would help to know what your web host supports.

There are lots of ways of password protecting specific site areas but some are more practical than others.

  ©®@$? 15:36 01 Mar 2004

hi taran. i'm not sure what my web host supports, it is only my free webspace with pipex dsl

  ©®@$? 15:40 01 Mar 2004

i've just downloaded that gallery and it came in a zip format extracted it, and there is no setup.exe..just loads of files and folders

  Taran 15:47 01 Mar 2004

Ah, if it is free space it won't have PHP support or custom CGI, so that limits things severely. In fact, you might not be allowed to use a .htaccess file either, which would have been my next suggestion.

I'd email your ISP and ask if they will allow password protected directories at all and if so which methods would they prefer you to use.

If they don't allow password protected directories we'll have to go with alternatives.

You could look at the excellent CoffeeCup Password Wizard click here

You get a free trial and it can create a Flash or standard HTML form with a pretty strong JavaScript based username/password combination. You can assign different username/passwords to different pages or give one page several usernames and passwords that are allowed to access it.

It's the best method I know of without using dedicated server tools like .htaccess files or programs wriiten in PHP or ASP.

  Taran 15:49 01 Mar 2004

The Gallery PHP program is a real program, but it doesn't have a setup file.

You configure it with your web host, username, password, database name and similar. Since you are using free web space you won't be able to use it anyway.

  ©®@$? 16:49 01 Mar 2004

ok just downloading coffee cup now cheers

  ©®@$? 20:43 01 Mar 2004

ok that seems to be quite thanks

  ©®@$? 11:59 02 Mar 2004

here is my site still in it's early stages just learning my way around at the moment

but i didn't use the coffee cup password wizard, as my site has to start with index.html, and i didn't know how to link the main page to the login/index.html

but what i have done is creat a login box for my site and when you put the correct password in it will take you to my site

what do you think

click here

  Taran 12:36 02 Mar 2004

Well, without your password I can't get in...


I guess that's the whole point, but it does prevent me from commenting on the site in general.

You can set up a specific folder in your web with your gallery in it. Any folder in the web root folder can have its own index.html file, so if you had divided your site into folders called:




each one of those folders could have an index.html file which would be addressed from your homepage as foldername/index.html in a hyperlink.

The JavaScript prompt is OK for minimal security. There are loads of ways around it which I'm not going to describe in here, but for normal use it is fine.

If you want a private gallery for friends or family I'd suggest ditching a password altogether and just create an oddly named folder in your web root using a combination of letters and numbers.

Put all the gallery files into that folder and don't provide any links into it from the rest of your site, or any links from the gallery back to your main site.

Give your family the address of the oddly named folder and they will be able to access it but nobody else will think to search your site for an unusal name.

if you called your gallery folder something like 9xfg57ops3 it's address would be http : // www. yoursite . com /9xfg57ops3/ and as long as you have an index.html file in there it will, in effect, be a self contained site within your main site.

CoffeeCup is still your best overall solution though.

  ©®@$? 12:42 02 Mar 2004

yes thats a great idea!

and i know there are loads of ways around that password prompt but it will do me,

thanks for your comments i'm taking them onboard and i certainly will be looking at creating seperate hidden folders

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