Help in loading old DOS program

  aerialman 21:52 19 Jan 2009

I have tried to load a 1995 DOS CAD program onto my XP Pro computer but a box warns that an application is trying to access the hard drive directly and this is not supported.

On installing the program following pressing the "ignore" button in the warning box, the program starts but quickly crashes.

Can anyone guide me with a fix for this problem. I never had any problem at all with my win 98 setup on my old machine.

  woodchip 22:06 19 Jan 2009

You cannot load a DOS Program on XP as there is no DOS for it to run in.

98 sat on top of DOS. It had like two Operating Systems Starting in DOS then moves to Windows, as the windows guy loads

  aerialman 22:23 19 Jan 2009

Strange than that the program actually starts then crashes. The program does have some windows links but i don't understand how.

I do have DOS 6.2 and 6.22 on floppy disks and wonder if trying to load these would be of any use. Would it work?

  DieSse 22:33 19 Jan 2009

XP does have a DOS emulator (rather than DOS itself), which can successfully run many, if not most DOS programs. I have several on my system which I use from time to time.

I would actually be rather surprised is a DOS program talked directly to the hard drive, rather than via the filing system. Even in DOS-days that would have been unusual, and frowned upon.

Whilst XP no longer has a DOS compatability mode, running in Win95 mode may help. Alternatively there are programs such as DOSBox which may provide a solution. This is a basic read about the subject, with some links. click here

  Switcher 00:53 20 Jan 2009

you will not be able to load the DOS disks and I would advise caution since the first dos disk is bootable and you might end up trying to reformat the drive inadvertantly.
You could install a small second disk up to 2GB and install DOS 6.22 on that and boot to it by altering the boot order in the bios when you want to run that program.
Or use Partition magic to create a small partition on your XP disk and install 6.22 on that and use a boot manager to run XP or DOS.
However if you persevere as DieSse suggests you might get it running. I am still using a DOS spreadsheet from the 1980s on XP Pro as well as a few others.

  aerialman 07:06 20 Jan 2009

The idea of a partition on the hard drive had occured to me and thanks Switcher for the warning.

I will try these ideas out but as suggested, a machine running win 98 may have to be the answer.

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