Help with Linksys 241

  drybones 17:20 04 Nov 2006

Is there anyone who can help with the setup for this modem/router

  Strawballs 18:01 04 Nov 2006
  drybones 06:06 05 Nov 2006

I will have a wade through the link,trouble is no info with s/hand modem/router(wired) but many thanks for help

  mgmcc 08:53 05 Nov 2006

<<< trouble is no info with s/hand modem/router(wired) >>>

There should be a button (recessed?) at the back with which you can "hard reset" the router back to factory default settings. You should then be able to access its Setup pages by entering into a web browser. You will be prompted for a Username & Password. Linksys routers normally have no Username (leave blank) and a Password of "admin"

If you cannot access the Setup pages, try giving the Local Area Connection in your PC a fixed IP address in the same Subnet as the router, for example with Subnet Mask

  Strawballs 09:52 05 Nov 2006

My linksys router had admin for user name and password.

  drybones 10:15 05 Nov 2006

My most pressing query is this device compatable w
ith BT8 mb the 220v supplied is not to hot and takes ages I would like to use the linksys if possible once again thanks for your input

  drybones 10:26 05 Nov 2006

I have tried these numbers with no joy i'm beginning to think I bought a dud . many thanks for your help i'll have one more go at it before I bin it and purchase a new one

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