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  ScarFace(M.O.D) 13:44 29 Apr 2006

i would really like to get into programming, and i mean seriously, i want to learn, html+perl+basic(meant to be one of the hardest)python and any other useful languages. i need the best place to download self learning software and the best place to get the software to learn it on too, you know, compilers and the like. i have done a bit of delphi back in the day but just made games with it. if sum1 knows all of this (VoG), i would appreciate all the details. yes i know this wil take years to learn, but im only 25 and want to be good at 35. any help appreciated. ty.
u may also email me any help @ [email protected]

  Skills 19:17 29 Apr 2006

HTML can be done with notepad the w3schools website click here has some good stuff.

The current applications have a free express version out there if you're interested in that have a look on the microsoft website.

A lot of people and colleges seem to start by teaching people visual basic so you can get the programming concepts before moving onto more complicated languages.

It depend what sort of stuff you wish to code thou really. Eg games / web applications / database. Think about that and then choose which route to go down.

  VoG II 19:24 29 Apr 2006

I certainly don't know all of this although over the years I've programmed in various languages (but not HTML).

My advice would be to stick to mastering one at a time or you'll end up getting confused.

As Skills said VB is a good place to start, or even Visual Basic for Applications which is part of Microsoft Office.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:11 29 Apr 2006

Visual Basic is a good place to start. Be careful if you consider going to college to learn it though. My local college is currently teaching VB6 which is pretty outdated now. You really should go for which, unlike its predecessors is a fully OOP language. It's less complex for a learner than other languages but will give a firm grounding in programming concepts which will help if you move onto Java C# C++ and the like.

Free express edition downloads are available click here

And there are some nice, easy to follow video tutorials click here.

Python is a good language to start with also, there's loads of tutorials on the web. I don't have any knowledge at all of perl but for advice on tutorials for this and HTML, it may be worth posting on the web design forum (probably better to search, its probably been covered a lot) or to steal Taran's brain :)

  ScarFace(M.O.D) 14:31 30 Apr 2006

ty skills BIG help with the html learning site, its simple and easy and im picking it up real quick.

so what after the html do you think i should aim for next? i dont just want to do 1 area you see unless you know of 1 area which is going to get me the best job and such?

i have a family now u c so i want to insure all of our futures

i started to want to learn because i was fed up with viruses and trojans etc and the like and i think if i know and understand how all this works i can beat it. why not send a virus that tracks other viruses down and gets rid of them? would that work?
or a virus that tracks down the creator sum how?

  ScarFace(M.O.D) 14:32 30 Apr 2006

i want to be able to learn languages from work u c as thats the only place iu get spare time.
thats where i am now in fact

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