help with laptop and tv settings please

  Never again 16:01 28 Aug 2006

I have an ascer aspire 5650 laptop running windows xp home and want to display the odd movie on my tv.

My laptop came with a combined phone and s-video lead and I have purchased 5 metre extention leads to connect directly to my tv (I have connections on the front).

I assumed that it would just be a case of connecting and watching my using the AV button on my tv remote control but this does not seem to work.

On my laptop keyboard there is an f5 hotkey that is suppoed to toggle between display screeens or external monitors but this does not seem to have the desired effect either.

Your help would be most appreciated.

  FelixTCat 16:24 28 Aug 2006

Never again,

The way that I have done this is to go to Display Properties - Settings and activate monitor 2. In Advanced - Monitor I choose Generic Television for the monitor type, connect the pc to the TV, fire up the movie program and drag it to screen 2 (the TV). I then fiddle with the resolution and full screen settings until I fill the TV screen.



  Never again 17:00 28 Aug 2006

I don't seem to have an option to activate monitor 2 or select generic television in display properties.

I am running windows xp home?

  Fingees 17:02 28 Aug 2006

I don't know that laptop, but my control is in the bios (Hi Grade)

  De Marcus™ 17:07 28 Aug 2006

Try F6 on the Acer

  FelixTCat 17:08 28 Aug 2006

Never again,

If you open Display Properties - Settings do you have 2 boxes labelled 1 and 2 in the window?

Connect the cables to the TV first and open Display Properties second.

If you are using Adobe Type Manager, you may not be able to use 2 screens.



  Never again 17:40 28 Aug 2006

f6 is not the answer as this just makes my screen go blank. I have the manual installed and this is listed in the manual.

It should be f5 to toggle but this does not seem to get results on the tv.

I have rebooted with the leads plugged in but was not quick enough to check out the bios - I'll rebot again in a mo.

Display properties/advanced has 2 monitors listed.

1 is multiple monitors on NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 and 2, which is much smaler is greyed out. a right click gives me the option to attach which makes it the secondary display (2) and default monitor on the above graphics set up.

If I scroll through the av settings on my tv when this is active then it still does not display the laptop monitor on the tv. (resolution is 640x480 and colour quality is low - 8 bit)

I don't understand your comment about adobe type manager??

Why are some things that should be so simple be so difficult?

  FelixTCat 18:06 28 Aug 2006

Never again,

You are there. In Display Properties - Settings click on the box with 2 in it. Then tick the Extend my Windows desktop..... button.

Now find a window on your desktop and drag it half way off the desktop in the direction of window 2. Now flick through your TV inputs until you see the other half of that window. This method doesn't move your desktop to the TV; it extends your desktop onto the TV.

It can help to use the Identify button to show a large 2 on your TV to help find the correct input - click on it each time you change inputs.



  Never again 18:18 28 Aug 2006

I've extended it to the desktop but the desktop looks no different.

I don't understand what window I should select or exactly where I should drag it??

I've tried the identify thing which shows a 1 on my laptop but the 2 does not show anywhere, even when I scroll though the av channels on my tv.

My missus is getting the right hump with me switching the av channels whilst she is tying to watch the telly so I'll have to try again later.

Thanks for your help so far - I'll log in again later to check ant future replies.

  FelixTCat 18:46 28 Aug 2006

Never again,

Perhaps I have not explained it clearly. When you extend you desktop to the TV it is like putting another monitor beside your existing one - nothing will show on it until you drag a window to it.

You are NOT toggling between your laptop screen and your TV screen - you are using both.

When it is set up, if you drag a window to the right edge of your desktop, it will appear on the left edge of your TV screen. I also have my wallpaper on the TV screen.

You must click on window 2 and click on Extend my Windows desktop.... and click Apply



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