Help, Laptop taking forever on the internet.

  R-Simmo 16:44 03 Jun 2008

Hey well i recently made a post about my laptop having a virus..I scanned with various anti virus and spy ware and i thought i sorted it..

I can connect to msn and talk to friends and it says internet is connected. But when i go on internet, Google loads ( homepage ) but when i try searching for anything it takes forever and eventually doesn't load..I had this as one of my favorites and it worked so i'm hoping someone can help

I currently have AVG antivirus and thats all...

Thanks any help is really appreciated


  Jak_1 16:53 03 Jun 2008

What OS? What ISP? Can you get email? What firewall? There seems to be a problem with Orange at the moment, very slow and some pages won't load.

  R-Simmo 16:58 03 Jun 2008

Im on virgin..The house computer is working fine and uses the same internet connection, My laptop is windows Xp

  Jak_1 17:01 03 Jun 2008

Have you tried a non destructive re-install of the OS from the XP disk?

  R-Simmo 17:06 03 Jun 2008

I dont have the disk, i lost it..:| sorry

  Jak_1 17:13 03 Jun 2008

What about a system restore to the point before things started to go wrong?

  R-Simmo 17:48 03 Jun 2008

I tried system restore and it would only do it to the 31st of May, it says nothing has been changed...Still need help, thanks anyway.

  sinbads 17:48 03 Jun 2008

Try a IE retore tools/internet options/advanced/reset at the bottom

  R-Simmo 17:55 03 Jun 2008

I normally use firefox, but ill do it on normal internet, thanks for the suggestion, post back if it works =]

  R-Simmo 17:59 03 Jun 2008

Yeaaa that worked now i can search stuff on google but now its running really slow, any other ideas?

  R-Simmo 18:03 03 Jun 2008

Woow..All of a sudden i cant even search anything on google anymore..As i never reset the internet thing..

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