Help! Laptop cuts out constantly!

  eric_cantona 21:44 19 Feb 2004


My laptop just cuts out whenever I play championship manager on it! I have it plugged into the mains all the time, and this doesn't happen when I do other things such as iTunes or surf the net.

It just cuts out and turns off completely - could it be something to do with my AC Adapter? Could this need replacing?

Somebody help!

  anon1 21:49 19 Feb 2004

Now you state that your laptop cuts out when you play champ manager then go on to say it works with other programs. Is it that you only use the mains adapter to play champ manager or is that a red herring? Just what is the problem here? A very confusing post with little information. What about some specs?

  anon1 21:51 19 Feb 2004

Having read again your post it would appear that you can do anything you like while plugged into the mains except play champ manager in which case either there is a problem with champ manager or the machine specs are not up to playing the game.

  eric_cantona 21:52 19 Feb 2004

Sorry, I use it of the Mains 100% of the time.

Its a Rock Sigma Si pentium III laptop running Win XP.

For some reason the laptop will switch itself off completely when I start playing the game, not always straight away, I may get 30mins to an hour in before it cuts out.

Does this info help?

  Taran 21:53 19 Feb 2004

If it's game related I'd initially suggest two things:

1. overheating from all the hard work of graphics rendering for your gaming sessions

2. system instability brought on by the game/operating system/device driver/DirectX interaction.

If all is well with other duties and it fails when gaming, I'd imagine it either is not up to the job for the game in hand or it is poorly configured for it.

I'd agree that more information would help though.

  anon1 21:58 19 Feb 2004

the info helps a little but what ram and graphics card. Rather suspect that the game is too much for the set up

  eric_cantona 21:58 19 Feb 2004

So you don't think that getting a new AC Adapter will remedy the situation?

It's strange as this problem has cropped up relatively recently. My laptop should work fine according to the minimum specs of the game. I mean 1Ghz, 512RAM and 20GB should be ok, and has been in the past.

  eric_cantona 21:59 19 Feb 2004

its an intergrated graphics card, besides, championship manager isn't really a graphics intensive game is it not?

  explicitlyrics100 22:05 19 Feb 2004

i had the same problem with counter strike. I took it back to the company who made the pc and they had to upgrade the graphics card as they couldnt fix it either. I can only think updating device drivers would help

  anon1 11:17 20 Feb 2004

I would suggest that integrated graphics is not good enough for game play. whilst there is not a great graphic content to the game it could still cause problems. Can you try the game on a different pc? What version of direct x do you have? If you are not sure how to find out click start run and type dxdiag then hit enter (no space between dx and diag)

  eric_cantona 13:28 20 Feb 2004

I've tried it on another PC and it works fine, It definitely appears to be something to do with the Champioship Manager game.

It is notorious for being cpu intensive, could this be putting a strain on my system regardless of the fact that it more than matches the minimum spec required to run the game?

It's just that I get no error message whatsoever and it just switches off.

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