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  Wunspirit 22:28 21 Jun 2007

Hi everybody,

Sometime soon i will be buying myself a laptop, which i plan to use mostly with a digital camera in order to create, edit and burn movies. After emailing customer service on a particular website i was told i'd need a powerful processor and a good graphics card. Unfortunately, i don't know much about this stuff. However i did end up coming across a laptop and i wanted to lay down some of the specifications and find out if i'd be making a wise move buying this laptop, considering what i want it for. The specs are below.

Inspirion 9400
Intel® Core™ Duo T2350 Processor(1.86GHz,533MHz,2MB L2 cache)

2048MB 533MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2x1024

Intel® Media Accelerator 950 Graphics Up to 128MB shared graphics memory

160GB (5400rpm) SATA Hard Drive

--------- Would those specs be what i'm looking for? Thanks in advance.


  skidzy 23:03 21 Jun 2007

If you plan on saving the movies to the harddrive as well as disc,you really need a bigger harddrive.
I would suggest adding an external drive of around 300GB upwards for the movies.

Your graphics is pretty basic as most laptops are.

Ram is good.

CPU is good

I have the inspiron 6400 core duo and been very impressed with the results.I only really burn and edit camcorder movies and burn a few cd's now and again.
But if you expect high end results with the graphics,you maybe a little disappointed.

Remember you will get a lot more for your money with a desktop,this will enable you to have a good graphics card that will be upgradeable if needed.

Upgrading a laptop is very restricted.

  Wunspirit 23:09 21 Jun 2007

Thanks for the response. I was on the Dell website when checking out this laptop and i believe i can improve the graphics card - I should go check out the other options available. I'm not too concerned for the most superb results and i'm hoping to get a laptop because i'll be on the move everynow and then so as you can imagine, it'll be a lot easier. I agree with you on the external hardrive, that's one thing i have been thinking of getting as a plus.

  skidzy 23:14 21 Jun 2007

whats the budget ? will have a look around for you.

  Wunspirit 23:18 21 Jun 2007

Thanks, i appreciate that. My budget is anything up to £900.

  skidzy 23:36 21 Jun 2007

Just a quick search for you using Novatech (very good company)

Alpha N T7200 still needs the os and external HD,but better graphics. click here


From Ebuyer also very good

click here

click here

Just a few options to look at.

  Wunspirit 23:53 21 Jun 2007

Thanks for that. Unfortunately, i think the computer i'm on now could do with a replacement or something itself, because when i tried to check out the Ebuyer links, the computer crashed after an error came up. It said something about Runtime error, C +++ virtual call. I have no idea what that is.

Out of those three including the one i came across, which would you say is the better choice. Putting hardrive space aside, as i will definitely get an external one.

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