help with ( l2a1o

  b1n2y 12:51 07 Nov 2004

hope someone can help me this time,
i have this file l2a1o.abi that puts itself in the folder c:\documents and settings\binzy\local settings\temp when and only when i go on the net
it comes in to temp folder nothing strange about that you think and your right because i can delete it with the right click and its gone but if i try to delete it with (privacy eraser pro) no chance so i try it with (eraser tec)which has to delete it on reboot but when rebooted the file has renamed itself and will do on every reboot. you get the picture not normal behavier been on this three days trying to track this down no luck though.i can open it with picture viewer and it shows a raindrop splashing in water, in notepad it says gif
im a bit confused because file shouldnt rename themself like this. using xp pro. aol9.adaware,spybot,norton internet security 2005,pest patrol,trojan guarder,stinger,cwshreader,hijack this,aol say its not theirs so any ideas how or what is putting this in temp folder, thanks

  Forum Editor 13:12 07 Nov 2004

I know of that has the .abi file extension is a file encryption utility called ABI-CODER.

How long has this file been in your temp folder, and have you noticed any ill-effects from it?

  b1n2y 14:29 07 Nov 2004

i have only noticed this file over the last week or so but that dont mean that it hasnt been there longer i have done a couple of complete installs lately as my machine has been playing up,i will try to look for more info on the file coder on the net but you wont find anything on the file itself and here are a couple of instances that the file has renamed itself to after reboot (bglrn.jri) (dtpgv.abw) (vmldf.xpa) stange file behavier if a geniune file.

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