Help with Knoppix 6.0

  bear73 09:45 05 Aug 2009


I posted yesterday as my pc has an unmountable boot volume error. The pc is old and we don't care about hat but would like to retrieve some files if we can. I don't have the original xp disk to do the repair stuff so my IT friend suggested using Knoppix. we couldn't get it to work last night but this mornign I tried and it worked.

I know have the Knoppix desktop and tray icons but have no idea what to do with them! I phoned my IT friend who directed me to where my files would be but it wouldn't let me in (some error message that I can't remember now). The only thing on the Knoppix desktop is a house icon with desktop underneath. When you click on that it takes you into the folder which says no sub folder.

I can click on the New Volume drive which is my external USB drive and I can see all my stored files on there but there was another icon called somthing like 36.3 GB Volume and it wouldn't let me in - is that my hard drive from the old pc?

Not sure what to do now. My IT friend wasn't sure and he was at work so couldn't help futher. I've left it on my pc as I daren't shut it down in case it won't load again. Any advice? I've come so far so i hope I can retrieve something.


  scotty 10:13 05 Aug 2009

We really need to know what the error message was. Was it about the disc not being mounted? Did it say NTFS disc not recognised?

I have not used Knoppix but I assume it is similar to other linux distributions. Do you have drop down menues at the top of the screen? One should be named "Places". If you have this, try selecting the option "Computer".

  bear73 10:35 05 Aug 2009


Error message was.

Unable to Mount device

Error org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.UnknownFailure

There is no drop down menu at the top with places.

It looks very much like a normal windows desktop. Icons on the tray bottom left with a menu like the start menu and a house icon ont he actual desktop.


  scotty 10:59 05 Aug 2009

Had a quick look at using Knoppix to rescue files. From brief look, I think you will need to use the terminal to run some commands. Using a terminal means you will be typing (or copy & pasting) barely intelligable messages instead of using a normal windows graphical interface. Do you feel confident doing this?

Have a read of this article first - click here

The other option to consider is fitting the disc into another pc as a second drive and see if you can copy files. Having said that, linux is probably the best bet for rescuing a problem disc.

  DieSse 11:21 05 Aug 2009

Unable to Mount device

Means it can't even recognise the drive correctly - and if it can't determine the partition make-up/and or the format, or read the file tables - then nothing will be able to read the drive as it stands.

I think your hard drive is terminally afflicted, and you need you backup to recover data (you do have a backup?).

I've had two (clients) hard drive go in as many weeks here - both elderly, and I suspect the temperatures here are at the bottom of it all.

PS I'm assuming Knoppix can recognise NTFS volumes - all the Linuxes I've tried can.

  scotty 11:31 05 Aug 2009

Here is another link with suggestions to recover from unmountable boot volume error -

click here

  bear73 19:25 05 Aug 2009

Thank you for all your help. I will ahve a look at all your links and decide what to do next.

DieSse - I have the original System Recovery pack Time CD that came with the pc 10 years ago. Since then though we have upgraded the OS from Win 98 to XP so not sure if that makes any difference when using the CD.

I am so cross I bought an external hard drive and had only managed to backup files on the newer downstairs pc. Why didn't I start with the one most likely to go wrong - typical!!!

Thanks everyone.

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