HELP! I've lost my e-mails

  urban gorilla 23:07 26 Feb 2003

I have just lost all my e-mails from my outlook express and can someone tell me if there is a way of locating them on my hard drive and restoring them. i had a lot of e-mails with important information on them which i need.

i had problems accessing outlook express because it wouldn't accept my password.
as i only have one pc i use an identity log in so my wife and daughter can also access their e-mails on the outlook express.
i thought the problem was here so i decided to delete the entries and re-enter them.
now when i log in it seems all the e-mails have disappeared. can anyone help?
i have w98 and outlook express 6

  User-312386 23:16 26 Feb 2003

did you mean you have deleted the outlook express profiles?

if you have then you have lost all e-mails

  Ironman556 23:24 26 Feb 2003

You may have a chance with a program that can drag deleted files off the hdd. I'm not sure what to reccomend try searching the forum & google a bit and you should find somthign. It's not guarenteed though, and it's likely to cost you. You may then be able to retrieve the files the emails are stored in.

  urban gorilla 23:25 26 Feb 2003

Is there no hope of finding them on my computer somewhere?

  johnem 23:25 26 Feb 2003

Hopefully they are not totally lost, just hidden from your view. They should be stored in Windows, Application Data,Identities,Microsft,Outlook Express,
you will need to look in either if the available identity numbers to complete the trace the files you need and you might be able to copy the file into your other identity account and then open it from Outlook Express. Once you have it available, you should be able to either export or import the file into your own account area. Sounds a bit complicated and I haven't explained it very well, but this may help. You may even be able to import the file straight from Outlook Express without tinkering too much. If you have lost your password, you could always try creating a new temporary identity and then importing the accounts details, files and addresses etc. Lots of ideas, you will need to decide which may be best for you.

  desbest 23:30 26 Feb 2003

When I had a dial-up connection file and the recovery cd was used and thewn conneceted to the internet and waited and waited and emails from the past got delivered.
Or, when outlook express was working what dial-up connection file did you use to connect with? If dial-up connection file name has changed change it back to what it was when the problem didn't exist.

  urban gorilla 23:37 26 Feb 2003

i've subsquently found that it was a server problem at bt hence password being rejected.
my wife and daughter are not too pleased with me at the moment and i don't feel too clever myself.

i really hope it is as you say and that the e-mails are only out of view.
i'm not pc literate so i will need guidance on how to find or carry out the instructions you've listed above.

thanks for your time

  derekw 23:43 26 Feb 2003

Seems you have created a new i/d for yourself...
And there's a chance that your old e-mails may still be at the original store location. If YOU have not set a specific location (and you would know it) then from Outlook Express do Tools>Options>Maintenance>StoreFolder. Note the location, especially the alpha-numeric folder i/d.
Repeat this as the other User(s). Exit OE.
With Win Explorer check the Alph-num folder branches, the one that doesn't match data collected above is hopefully your missing bunch.
Copy the .dbx files to your new identity.

Good luck...

  woodchip 23:46 26 Feb 2003

Go to windows explorer click the windows folder in the left column click the metal cross at the side to expand click on the little cross by identities folder and expand until you can see Outlook Express if you have separate identities you may have to follow each one separate then in the right column you can double click on inbox and open with WordPad to see if it is your E-mail. If it is you need to put these in a separate folder for on to a floppy disc. Then go to Outlook Express and choose important mail and you will have to go to where you have saved your files

  woodchip 23:47 26 Feb 2003

that should be little cross not metal

  urban gorilla 01:55 27 Feb 2003

Thank you for your quick response to my problem.
I now have found my lost e-mails and now have been restored by following your threads.
you can't imagine how i'm feeling at this moment.
you guys really know your stuff.
most important you gave me hope when i needed it.
Thank you all.

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