Help Itunes original files lost

  premier man 12:20 27 Mar 2009

Can anyone please help me,
I updated my Itunes to the latest version,
all the songs came up ok but the only ones I can play are the purchased ones,
the others say "the original files are lost would you like to locate them"
but I am dont know where to look?
any ideas


  I am Spartacus 12:41 27 Mar 2009

Assuming you haven't changed the defualt settings they're probably in Documents and Settings\your user name\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes. You may need to show hidden files and folders.

  Sea Urchin 12:48 27 Mar 2009

When it says "Would You Like to Locate Them" are you saying "Yes"? It should then take you to the folder where they are. This isn't exactly the same problem, but the answer may well be the same

click here

  premier man 13:33 27 Mar 2009

I am Spartacus
Sea Urchin
Thankyou both for responding,
when I said yes to find the files it came up with
7/8 itune folders but couldnt find one to open the files.

I am Spartacus
i will check out your suggestion


  premier man 13:59 27 Mar 2009

Sorry guys not having any luck at all
the playlist comes up but cannot play any songs
any other ideas?

  I am Spartacus 14:04 27 Mar 2009

You could try searching for .mp3

  premier man 15:41 27 Mar 2009

I am Spartacus

thanks found them in mp3 tried to copy to itunes
but wouldnt let me,
any suggestions?

  john bunyan 16:02 27 Mar 2009

In i Tunes,click on file, then add file to the library, then shift /highlight batches of mp3's in the location you have found them. (about 10 at a time) - they should import ok. Maybe try one to start with.I always keep "My Music" folder backed up on an external USB HD drive in case of this sort of problem. Adding file to the library seems to work better than copying in windows explorer and has the advantage of leaving the originals in their location as back up.

  ^wave^ 16:34 27 Mar 2009

if you are having probs stil try they have lots on ipod and itunes help and problems

  premier man 17:57 27 Mar 2009

john bunyan
did as you said,no joy
tried to copy to a new folder first
but wouldnt let me.
couldnt find them in location

thanks will have a look


  john bunyan 22:39 27 Mar 2009

I set up iTunes not to auto synch. Then you can use iPod as an external hard drive and import from it via My Computer / HD letter for iPod then find songs in folder tree and import them to a new folder in my music. If you have already auto synched, it may be too late. Have you actually located the files? Maybe worth uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes.Do you have back ups?

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