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  associates 23:10 15 Jan 2006


I have a broadband DSL connected to my home computer. Everything was working. I could connect to the internet and surfed too until i went to change my hard drive. My previous hard-drive was severely infected with viruses and spywares. Hence, i went to buy a new hard drive, a lot bigger in memory and had it installed onto the computer.

After having installed windows XP Pro, i tried to connect to the internet but couldn't. Then, i went to the network connection under the control panel, i saw there was only one connection i.e. (i think) 1394 connection. It's connected but there is no IP ADDRESS there. Then, i tried to create a new connection via wizard. During the process, the first option i chose was connect to the internet -> manually connect -> then, connect to broadband that is always on -> finish. But Nothing came up on the network connection. All i could see is only that 1394 connection. I was hoping i could see the Local Area Connection in the network connection. Is it automatically created as installing the XP OS or you have to create it yourself?

I believe this has nothing to do with my DSL modem right? because i have my other laptop hooked up to it and it's connected to the internet with no hassle at all.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance

  Kev.Ifty 23:36 15 Jan 2006

Sorry if i am "barking up the wrong tree"

Do you have to retrieve your account by installing your ISP's software from a Cd perhaps?


  madPentium 08:16 16 Jan 2006

I dont think the 1394 connection is the one is it? Is your adsl modem not USB?
You need to install the internet from the cd which was sent from your internet provider, as Kev has stated.

  mgmcc 08:50 16 Jan 2006

The "1394" connection is the Firewire port and not your internet connection. If you have been using a USB modem, loading its software will install the necessary "connection" in the Network Connections folder.

If you formerly connected by ethernet to the modem, there would have been a "Local Area Connection" shown which means there is a network adapter in the PC; its absence now suggests that the drivers haven't been installed since reinstalling Windows. Device Manager will show if there are problems with a network adapter. Do you have a drivers CD or motherboard CD with drivers for on-board devices such as network adapter, modem, soundcard?

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