help with internet

  diddi.ash 13:01 19 Mar 2008

today for some reason i just cant get any other webpages to come up, except the orange homepage and this site for some reason, all my favorites will not show on page!!
any ideas??
cant even get into my orange emails

  diddi.ash 13:19 19 Mar 2008

also its the same with my hubbys laptop, can only get on to home page then if you click another website it just dosent come up, on orange broadband with wireless router, just cant work out why this page comes up straight away and nothing else??

  mrwoowoo 14:08 19 Mar 2008

In internet explorer click on tools>internet options and delete your cookies and tempory files.
It should make a difference.

  diddi.ash 14:39 19 Mar 2008

Yes i have done that loads and no different, i aslo run firefox and same problems but dont know how to delete cache on that

  mrwoowoo 17:41 19 Mar 2008

Sometimes sites that use add-ons can interfere with I.E.
Have you tried resetting it.
Tools>internet options>advanced>reset.

  Woolwell 17:51 19 Mar 2008

Odd that it is on two systems. Have you switched your router off and back on again? Are you using a Livebox?

  mrwoowoo 18:06 19 Mar 2008

Missed that!
Must be something to do with their I.S.P/ network or associated hardware.

  sharpamat 18:37 19 Mar 2008

Presume the new page you are selecting is not listed as a Tab ( toolbar along the top of the page you are viewing )

  Woolwell 18:45 19 Mar 2008

The cache on Firefox is under Tools - Options- Privavcy - Private data.

  mrwoowoo 18:59 19 Mar 2008

May find something here.
click here

  diddi.ash 20:24 19 Mar 2008

thanks mrwoowoo but cant get the microsoft web to come up either, what is a livebox?, i have etec router which i think is wireless, hubby can use his laptop by wireless dongle and he has same problem, thats why i thinking its the isp (orange)
tryed ringing them and they said try resetting the router, but worried as too what that would do as i dont have the disc for it if it goes wrong!yes i have turned the router off, left it off, on again, off again, went to get a new router at comets and the man said it cant be the router if you are getting some web pages come up, i can get banks, this forum, orange, BUT not, facebook, ebay, orange email, msn, another pet forum

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